² 4XR 9DGLV” $& New GL Migration 7KLV LV $& FRXUVH YHUV FROO Duration: 3 days Content: Migration scenarios 1 – 3 Certification option: No QG KDOI. Migrating to the New SAP General Ledger. Future SAP Support of the Classic General Ledger and .. SAP General Ledger Migration Cockpit. New ( flexible) general ledger, AC Migration to new G/L accounting, •ACenables project members and consultants to perform a migration project from classic to the new General Ledger Accounting. Therefore the.

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ac2112 Further examples of “intermediate solutions”: Asset Acquisition 1 — 3 ] Depreciation Terms for Asset: Save and confirm the dialog box that appears. Therefore, make sure that the OI indicator is not set in the asset mkgration accounts for example, account and and Sheet Prep Payables Displayed currency: Asset acquisition — U January Capitalization amount: Note Customerfields Customer fieldsthat thatare areonly onlyrequired requiredororposted postedatatline lineitem itemlevel levelcan canalready alreadybe be migrated in this scenario.

For complete zero-balance opening balances for the financial statement characteristic for example Segment or other corresponding entitiesother steps postings and considerations are necessary.

In principle, what should actually work is the transfer of the retained earnings account — arranged according to profit centers. This is the so-called administrator.

If you answered “yes” to this question, please answer the following questions in this chapter as well: On the other hand, SAP cannot simply class such a situation as a project-based migration — It is a typical “intermediate solution”: Adjust document ,edger rules: In some cases, there may not be enough time to perform all the exercises during the course. Phases 1 and 2 indicate the period between the migration date and the end of the actual migration migration complete indicator is set.


Migratoin validation process, therefore, supports the migration process as a whole. To make the phase model easier generwl visualize, here is an example with concrete figures: If you currently use report RFFMS for payment update, please answer the questions in the following table as well: A correct, fast and preferably trouble-free transition! Operationally, you must change the substitution time if the functional area characteristic is still derived by substitution rules. You can now close the posting periods for your posting period variant AA for the previous fiscal year.

Analyzing this is important for defining a sufficiently large document number range interval for the appropriate document type.

This copy must contain the same master data and Customizing settings as the production system to be migrated. As was already mentioned, the characteristic is not updated in the standard system when the balance carryforward is transferred from ledger 00 to the FAGLFLEXT totals table. It is also clear that the “environment” must be correct if you want to start migration. You will see that it is not possible to make any general assumptions regarding this. A posting should when using the account approach always address only one “account area” — in this case, the shared accounts.


Therefore, press the Set Status Manually pushbutton — the fifth pushbutton from the right in the toolbar, a green checkmark, with pencil. Project Milestones Planned Date migratino No part of this lrdger may be reproduced, copied, or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express prior written permission of SAP AG.

Migration to the New | Anil Kangotra –

Group – 10, III. If this were the case, migration scenario 3 would be the better option. The optional test migration s in phase 0 can uncover errors that may then alleviate problems in phase 1.

Both the appearance and entry procedures for the FI document are identical to those in previous releases. The example shown assumes that the cash discount revenue account in the CO is not defined as cost element.

AC212 – Migration to the New General Ledger

RAPERB does this, since the entire assets capitalization amount is posted to the capitalization differences account non-operating expense. Migration Using the Migration Cockpit At the conclusion of this exercise, you will be able to: How many profit centers are there?

What did the activity above do to the documents?