Aiki-Taiso (Aiki Exercises). Nikyo undo – wrist stretch with thumb down; Kotegaeshi undo – wrist stretch with fingers up; Sankyo undo – wrist stretch with fingers. Falling exercise: Koho tendo undo (backward rocking exercise). Wrist stretching:: Nikyo (second control); Kotegaeshi (reverse wrist control); Sankyo (third control) . AIKI TAISO. Fall Newsletter. If your opponent strikes with fire, counter with water, becoming completely fluid and free-flowing. Water, by its nature, never.

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Do not put your mind on the test but rather on extending, finish relaxed and calm. As pictured below, when moving forward in shikko your hands should remain on your thighs, head should remain up and your eyes forward.

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Rise up keeping your stability and posture, move a second time with just the forearms and hands. The attitude should be the same with all these exercises.

Practice and understand this movement well, as this movement has many applications. Learn to settle yourself as you are moving so that when you have completed the movement, stand upright, still and calm zanshin 6a – The count for this is,Toitsu taiso coordination exercises The toitsu taiso are exercises to coordinate mind and body, also known as the three minute exercises.


When moving from one side to the other ensure your feet cross rather than bringing the feet together through the movement. Keep you movements relaxed, controlled and smooth. A ki test here would be when your hands are at one-point, uke would lightly attempt to raise your hands towards your face.

You will finish facing the opposite direction with you right foot forward, and arms in the opposite positions to when you started. Remember to breathe out when moving down. If you need to turn quickly from this position, your one point remains calm and still and you turn on your centre.


Where is your weight? Bring your hands to your one-point, finish with your hands relaxed and weight underside. As all the exercises are performed, count loud and breathe properly exhale any time you are compressing your faiso forward. Practicing this method enables you to become more aware of your centre as well and learning to understand about how to move and control your weight under movement.

At this distance your partner cannot touch you without first entering. Avoid your shoulders arms moving backwards and your body to twist during the movement. Learn to develop a mind whereby you test yourself, rather than waiting for the sensei to correct you. Registration is absolutely free and takes only a few minutes to complete so sign up today! You can stand two ways while in hanmi.

Ikkyo waza is no different. You should not be able to fully extend your hands in front you. Do not dwell on what has just passed or be concerned about what about to happen but rather you put your mind and energy in to what is happening right now – the movement. During the rolls avoid moving back into the normal rolling position. All times are GMT Ensure your elbows are relaxed weight underside as you turn form side to side Your head and eyes must be level, avoid looking down or looking around the dojo as you turn.

Tekubi shindo waza Settle your Ki at your one point. Please visit our sponsor: Look straight up and down only, your feet should be slightly wider than normal.

With practice you will find this an easy exercise to perform.

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I was curious if all styles of aikido use the aiki taiso, or if it is just the styles that were under Koichi Tohei? After your first movement the whole body remains still and only the over head arm moves back and forward for a second time.

In recent years Tohei sensei has refined this stance to a more natural position. Point the toes up towards your head and on the second count attempt to bow down slightly further keeping the toes up, then turning on the balls of the feet change sides and repeat.


Your shoulder movements should be relaxed with remember to keep your weight underside. Sankyo Waza Holding one hand in front of you with palm facing taisk and thumb pointing down, the other hand holds lightly over the top with the opposite thumb placed in the web of the first hand. It gels the basics to the techniques very well, and at my low level of achievment that is worth its weight in gold in helping me to improve!! Start with the hands held in a central position in front of the body, and returning the hands to this position each time.

This site is home to over 22, aikido practitioners from around the world and covers a wide range of aikido topics including techniques, philosophy, history, humor, beginner issues, the marketplace, and more. For questions tziso comments about this website: Avoid over-extending the body to one side or the other. Thoughts on Aiki Expo ’05 by SeiserL.

When practicing the movement always tauso your fingers back towards you in the direction you will be moving and extending your ki. If weight is underside and arms un-bendable you will easily pass. When performing trunk twists ensure taso extend ki fully in one direction and then completely in the other. A ki test here would be as the hands finish front of your face uke will gently push your hands towards your face to see if you are extending and keeping unbendable arm.

It is no point practicing the movement if your aiku are elsewhere. When you have risen and are standing, do just that Find More Posts by Pete.

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