Documents, presets, manuals Alesis MidiVerb III – Audiofanzine. ALESIS MidiVerb 3 (M3) Service Manual P/N: 4-A ATTENTION! THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS SENSITIVE PROPRIETARY INFORMATION. Does anybody have a PDF of the instruction manual and effects chart for the MidiVerb III?.

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The can then read the data for use as necessary. You shall not use, sell or otherwise transfer spare or replacement parts supplied by Alesis to you i to repair or be used in products manufactured for or manhal third parties or ii to any third parties for any purpose.

Foreign Objects and Liquids.

Therefore, if you perform, or if the Manual is used to perform, any service or repairs on any Alesis product or part thereof, any and all warranties of Alesis as to that product and any service contract with Alesis for that product shall be voided and shall no longer apply for such product, even if your services or repairs were done in accordance with the Manual.

This, of course, may not always be possible i. Improperly ventilating the product may cause overheating, which may damage the product.

On power up, the 2N transistor is off the raw supply hasn’t raised up far enough yet to bias the transistor on, through R, R, and the zener divider network. Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced.

Note that the data buss serves a dual purpose. Each significant binary weight starting with the Most Significant Bit is taken in turn, thus requiring only 16 comparisons to achieve a final value.

If midivverb are not the authorized, intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any review, dissemination, distribution or duplication of this document is strictly prohibited. When mixed together, and converted back into analog, these delays simulate the reflections associated with natural reverbs, and mannual, as well as non natural effects such as reverse reverbs, and gated reverbs.


To my mind it offers just the right amount of programmability for an effects unit – and if that seems to imply I think some units offer too much, I won’t attempt to deny it.

The newest board revisions incorporate the reset on the board. Midivebr include your email address if midivsrb want to be contacted regarding your note. When the Midiverb III receives this message, it will edit the specified parameter to the new value and display it if it was on the relevant page. Do not place the product near heat sources such as stoves, heat registers, radiators or other heat producing equipment.

It is intended only for the use of those authorized by Alesis. But then, I don’t suppose Alesis need any marketing lessons from me.

Alesis MidiVerb 3 Manuals

The output of U4 pin 8 has a tap running to R46, a 2N transistor, etc. A few final notes: When this circuit is functioning incorrectly, a complete lock-up of the machine, will occur. Accidentally shorting pins 7, and 8 together will instantly result in a dead ASIC.

The idea is to divide the process into short, manageable sections.

A small piece of electrical tape on the case top, above the choke, or hot glue applied in a thin layer to the top of the choke should alleviate this situation.

The DAC output is an extremely important test point. Confidential Alesis Service Manual A Safety Instructions Carefully read the applicable items of the operating instructions and these safety suggestions before using this product. Note that the first units released did not incorporate the full reset circuit described below.


This allows the to manipulate algorithms in real-time. You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the menu above.

Certainly, this new level of sophistication has made them a viable and cost-effective alternative for guitarists and other instrumentalists – the days of dead 9V batteries and flangers taking the short way off the front of the stage may soon be over. It really helps – thank you!

Alesis MidiVerb 3 Manuals

The chart on the following page was created in an effort to relieve the beleaguered technician from having to “discover” some of the common faults we have seen. A signal diode at pin 10 limits the incoming signal to 5V, preventing damage to the analog switch U6. Combined, these two parameters provide a surprisingly wide range of reverb effects, and unlike some units I’ve used, the range is fairly consistent, so there is less chance of defaulting to one or two tried and trusted settings each time you switch on.

This process continues until a value is found for all 16 bits, and the data is ready for further processing by the ASIC.

If it containsthe data will be copied to the edit buffer, and not stored to any program location. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instruction. The parameter locations in these bytes are as follows