Get the guaranteed best price on Electronic Drum MIDI Controllers like the Alesis Trigger I/O Percussion Pad to MIDI Interface at Musician’s Friend. Get a low. Find great deals for Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface. Shop with confidence on eBay!. If you are an acoustic drummer looking to add a few electronic elements to your playing then the Alesis Trigger IO may help. The Trigger IO does not have any.

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You can unsubscribe at any time from a link at the bottom of each email. Same problem with the velocity curve, but even more pronounced.

Additionally, inputs are each a stereo input so you can have more than one trigger per input, which helps to create a trigger device. The bigger problem was the Edge switch. However many of my rimshots also triggered the head simultaneously 2 MIDI notes are output. The Trigger iO can also be used to expand the pad and drum module of any manufacturer, alseis Yamaha, so you are not limited.

I found myself many times thinking I was editing the Head only to find out I was editing the Rim. A alsis and single crash would be next.

Alesis Trigger iO experiences – VDrums Forum

For beginners wanting to eventually drum to metal, the Alesis is the ideal instrument. But not with this unit. Dual connectors allow you to use this digital recording interface with a variety of modern and traditional equipment, including the DM6 Drums Set Kit.

I’m sure everyone appreciates it. Even if I had the switch triggering well on all inputs, as the ride input does, there is no velocity allesis response for the second zone note as you would have with a Roland TD TMI. Skip to main content.


When you hit a pad and you are in edit mode, it automatically changes to the parameters for that pad. Help Contact Us Go to top.

This gear has all you need to make any trigger work.

In addition, the interface that records sounds includes 20 programmable presets to store various setups, saving plenty of time when moving from one to another. It is that trigber.

Dialing down the GAIN to 0 and setting a velocity curve of EXP1 seemed to work best for me, though it did make the middle velocity range a bit funky. Kit changes are capable of sending a mapped Program Change to other units. You alewis only sign up to get our newsletters, offers and promotions to your inbox. Once initiated, continuous control variable control of the hihat pedal was fine.

I do hope they keep up with it though, and perhaps send out some software updates. The Alesis Trigger iO is great. Asked November 17, at About this product Product Information Providing the much-needed link between electronic drums or acoustic drum triggers to MIDI sound sources, the Alesis Trigger iO digital recording interface is a rare and powerful device.

Until they fix some things, I’m sticking to my TMC To play drumming modulars or lay down tracks in your preferred MIDI sequencer application, merely connect the USB output to your computer. However, I can only come at this from the perpective of how it works with the gear I own and what I needed from it.

Cy So, I started with the CY Alesis Trigger iO experiences I never found a sweet spot that allowed great low, mid and high velocities, even trying out the different Velocity Curves.



But I think just like you. If yrigger are looking to connect electronic drums and cymbal pads or even acoustic-sounding drumming triggers to various MIDI sound sources, this particular iO is ideal and offers a streamlined way to do this.

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I also tried choking the cymbal As a final test I tried using the CY on different inputs. To help you get started swiftly and efficiently, this device is accompanied by what is called EZdrummer LITE software. That’s a wrap for now. Login or Sign Up. Around this time, I started wondering if I needed to power the unit back up, or use the factory reset, so I did I did several times throughout my testing.

Alesis Trigger iO Digital Recording Interface

For clean integration into your drummer set or percussion setup, gently mount the device iO on a rack using the optional E-Percussion Mount. I could easily trigger both the head and rim, with both being velocity hrigger. I didn’t like editing the pads themselves a whole lot. And a last question, can i use the variable akesis hi-hat system on a alesis? You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Answered November 25, at That lead to discovering that the unit does not send Aftertouch messages which is documented correctly in the MIDI Implementation at the back of the manual.

No magic here, just a simple design with a single Piezo.

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