Much of the intense current interest in collective memory concerns the politics of memory. In a book that asks, “Is there an ethics of memory?” Avishai Margalit. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Margalit, Avishai, –. The ethics of memory / Avishai Margalit. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references. Preview. I would like to present the idea of an Ethics of Memory and how the Israeli philosopher Avishai Margalit dealt with it in his book The Ethics of Memory .

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Mike rated it really liked it Apr 13, The German translation brings about a semantic shift. Morality, by contrast, is thin, general, abstract, detached: Part of what make it so interesting and wonderful is te endless opportunities for serendipitous discoveries of new books. Erasure of the Past: I agree with the radical Earl of Shaftesbury: But if you are involved in such relations you do have obligations of memory, individual and communal.

There was a flood of outrage. Moreover, my proposition is that memory work is particularly essential to social and political constellations which seem to provide no common ethicz for communication due to a criminal or conflictive past. A central idea of the ethics of memory is that when radical evil attacks our shared humanity, we ought as human beings to remember the victims. In other words, the human faculty of memory is the conditio sine qua non of the historie.


First and foremost, I hold the view that history in the sense of historical research and historiography—as any kind of knowledge— grounds the human faculty of memory or recollection. In the end Ecclesiastes is right.

Blood and memory

That’s why the story of an afterlife is so popular. His mother’s position was that the Jews were irretrievably aivshai, and that “the only honorable role for the Jews that remain is to form communities of memory – to serve as ‘soul candles’ like the candles that are ritually kindled in memory of the dead”.

It depends what kind of person you are. Aivshai the end there is “no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of things that are to come amongst those who shall come after”. There is nothing like it in literature. Margalit is, as he says, an illustrator rather than an explicator. Recently I visited Powell’s bookstore in Portland, Oregon.

There are a number of politicians and intellectuals, historians as well as artists and writers, who pursue and represent a variety of differing political and cultural conceptions of Europe, negotiating and deliberating on a European culture of remembrance and commemoration.

That’s why so many people make Dostoevsky’s mistake – the mistake of thinking it would be better to shiver on a ledge in hell for all eternity than not to exist at all.

But what makes Margalit so difficult to read is his personal usage of concepts and terms that are well known both in ordinary and off philosophical language. Join Our Mailing List: Jurgis Liepnieks rated it liked it Aug 06, In particular, as the title alludes, the book is focused on the ethics of memory and centers on the questions: Morally powerful, deeply learned, and elegantly written, The Ethics of Memory draws on the resources of millennia of Western philosophy and religion to provide us with healing ideas that will engage all of us who care about the nature of our relations to others.

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Edward Lear is an apt character to think about at Christmas-time. Still, his sensitive meditations show how these two strains of emmory might be overcome. Social and Cultural Memory in Philosophy of Mind categorize this paper. Suppose you do desperately want to be remembered after death.

Review: The Ethics of Memory by Avishai Margalit | Books | The Guardian

Raymond Martin – unknown. How about a million years? Higher education Philosophy books reviews. His philosophy is always tied to making sense of us humans in all our complexity. Feb 04, Taka rated it it was amazing Shelves: