Abstract/Citation: The Act amends the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority Act, (Act No. XXXVI of ) with respect to. BEPZA Act which eventually instituted the formation of Bangladesh Export Processing. Zones Authority (BEPZA), the government organ. investment, and investment under BOI, investment under BEPZA, FDI and investment . Under, the BEPZA Act. , EPZs are provided infrastructural facilities.

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BEPZA provides fully serviced, secured industrial plots and Standard Factory Buildings with simplified licensing and permitting procedure. Pakistan International Airlines fires pilots with fake school degrees. Some of the facilities and incentives offered are as follows:.

For granting export bepzs benefit, the list of export products and the rate of Export Performance Benefit XPB is reviewed from time to time.

Investors may obtainrelevant procedural details by contacting any Authorised Dealer bank in Bangladesh. A recent bpeza suggests that in FY EPZs have induced economic benefit equivalent to 6, crore taka to our economy. The year of Saudi Women.

Remittance of sale proceeds including capital gains of portfolio investments of non-residents through stock exchanges in Bangladesh. BOI also recommends for acquisition of land to the concerned authorities if required by the industrial units. The quantity and value of samples is determined jointly by the concerned sponsoring agency and the National Board of Revenue NBR. Palestinian court jails US-Palestinian for life for Hepza land sale.

Extension of term loans by banks on normal banking considerations to foreign firms operating in Bangladesh. Work permit for foreign nationals is a axt for employment in Bangladesh. Since independence Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in diversified areas of social, political, cultural and economic life of its citizen.


Tax holiday facility can be availed by industries set up in Bangladesh within June 30, A.

Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority Act, (Act No. XXXVI of ).

An Act to provide for the promotion and protection of foreign private investment in Bangladesh. Power to exempt Zones from operation of certain laws. WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision for the establishment of the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority for creation, development, operation, management and control of export processing zones and for matters connected therewith; It is hereby enacted as follows: If feel need my working ability and implementing policies for coming planning.

An beepza, either local or foreign, can set up an industry with public sector corporation. Other industries outside developed areas: Export oriented industries are exempted from paying local taxes ac as municipal taxes. During bepzz initial years it could not happen. The eligibility of tax holiday is to be determined by the NBR.

Development of a productive and sound industrial relation environment.

Print Edition Read pdf version Subscribe now. Import Registration Certificate IRC will be issued by the concerned authority in favour of the industrial enterprises within 30 days of receiving applications.

Entire export earning from handicrafts and cottage industries is exempted from income tax.

atc Submission of reports, etc. Dishonour of Cheque — Section of the Negotiable instruments Act. Adequate compensation for the purpose of sub-section 1 shall be an amount equivalent to the market value of investment expropriated or nationalised immediately before the expropriation or nationalisation. Avoidance of double taxation in case of foreign investors on the basis of bilateral agreements. Other industries in developed areas: VI of to Act No. III of to Act No.


Guide to Invstment in Bangladesh Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1980

For expatriate employment the guide-lines followed are:. Funds from these actt may also be used to set up offices abroad without prior permission hepza Bangladesh Bank.

Bilateral agreements for avoidance of double taxation: The role of the government has been changed from regulatory to promotional. Local products supplied to local projects against foreign exchange under international tender are treated as indirect exports and the producer is entitled to avail all export facilities.

Remittance of dividends on such shares to the non-resident investors.

Bangladesh National Day Supplement: An Attractive Investment Destination | Arab News

III of Act No. Non-resident direct investment in industrial enterprises and non-resident portfolio investment through stock exchanges also do not require prior approval of Bangladesh Bank. Once abandoned projects are now vibrating with activity.

Proposals which are not covered under the prescribed limits will require prior approval of BOI for which application have to be submitted along with necessary documents and copy of the relevant draft agreement.

Industries which export percent of their products are given tax exemption up to percent. XXV of Act No. Simultaneously with the primary objective of employment generation, EPZs have also facilitated diversification of the product base by adding new sectors like electronic, shoes, engineering products other than RMG.

Power to make rules.