Printed Manual for MP Systems are available for separate order. The BIOPAC MP system is a flexible, proven modular data acquisition and analysis system . Data Acquisition and Analysis with BIOPAC Hardware Systems. Reference Manual for. AcqKnowledge. ®. Software & MP/MP36R, BioHarness, B- Alert. The MP Hardware Guide describes how to connect and set up various signal- conditioning The guide details different applications and uses for the MP data acquisition system. MP Data Acquisition Systems · MP Systems with GLP.

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If MatLab can do this, you could consider using the Matlab extension, but I’m not sure what the timing of that would be like. I am waiting for a reply from Biopac on the “communicating to other system issue” I don’t think he misunderstood me but the answer surprised me to. And, I would like to see the signal for calibration before I start the experiment I guess I could use Matlab to plot it though. Biopac input bioppac Presentation Nathalie I found out that Biopac might be able to present a sound that changes according to a calculated channel menu: Biopac can communicate with Ethernet connection.

Peter Pebler Submit Lost Login Create Account. So, my question is: I was unable to find any reference to Biopac features to transmit information TO other systems. But, that means that I need to play the sound out loud, no? Would that be possible to use the dll for matlab toguether with the matlab interface for Presentation? I might go for a simple triggering through the printer cable instead.


In that case you don’t need their Acqknowledge any more. You could immediately change a visual stimulus based on what you get. I would like to get heart rate information from Biopac to Presentation.

mamual Is there a possibility to take this as input to presentation online and use that info as an integer? With a parallel or serial input port?

Not really optimal because I will get no info on how much HR has changed. The CD includes dll files for C ,matlab, etc. However, this may be beyond the capabilities of many users.

What is the maximum frequency that these inputs can come biopax I looked at the AcqKnowledge manual here http: If not, how could i make it possible? If you can, I suppose you could calculate the frequency of the sinwave comming in and use that value to change the color of the display.

BIOPAC Triggering & Gating Solutions | Starr Life Sciences

So, if I calculate the difference in HR form 1s ago to now, it might be possible to get a sound that changes according to that difference. What software did you use hoping for presentation?


Presumably this might be possible, though I don’t know the nature of the API or the data that is transmitted. Jonathan, how did you use the scanner signal?

BIOPAC Triggering & Gating Solutions

If Biopac can output the calculated HR online in dll does this mean that i could input it in matlab and send it through to the presentation computer? I got this answer from Biopac: This appears to just mp1150 a way to display certain data being measured by Biopac on the screen in the AcqKnowledge software. You cannot set up a server in Presentation that will accept connections from other systems. But, I would like it to be visual.

You can avoid this box by logging in before posting. Then it’s no solution for me because I just need the signal to be transmitted to the computer without participants hearing it.

Neurobehavioral Systems

Kristin Geraci But, could be acceptable. MP – show input values – sound. Since I have done some experiments with biopac and presentation toguether, I could not resist writing a post.