Late-Egyptian miscellanies. [Ricardo Augusto Gardiner, Alan H. Caminos] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Get this from a library! Late-Egyptian miscellanies.. [Ricardo Augusto Caminos; Alan H Gardiner]. Late-Egyptian miscellanies. Main Author: Caminos, Ricardo Augusto, Related Names: Gardiner, Alan H. , ed. Language(s): English.

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Erman’s interpretation has, as mentioned, been broadly accepted by later scholars, and this acceptance has led to conclusions that have far reaching consequences regarding our view of the education of scribes and the transmission of literary texts in ancient Egypt.

I agree that to see all literary ostraca as relating to an educational context is a simplistic and undifferentiated approach which underestimates the complex issues involved Parkinson; Janssen86; McDowell ; These have largely been found in rubbish dumps, discarded in antiquity McDowell18 and The library of Qenherkhepshef and his family from Deir el-Medina after Pestman Be the first to add this to a list.

The same may be true of the LEM: Brunner; McDowellby later scholars. A Dark Side to Perfection. Only three out of a total of eighteen manuscripts contain sequential dates see Figure 3 belowpresumably relating to the activity of copying in one way or another.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. A colophon, on the other hand, refers to the transmission of the manuscript itself, often emphasising that it is an accurate copy and occasionally naming cmainos copyist Parkinson; Quirke; Luiselli I will concentrate on the arguments presented by Erman in support of his classification, but the subject is broad and undoubtedly deserves a more thorough investigation than is possible here: Made by the scribe lnena, the owner of this manuscript ir.

Literature, Transmission camihos the Late Egyptian Miscellanies.

Late-Egyptian miscellanies – Ricardo Augusto Caminos, Sir Alan Henderson Gardiner – Google Books

Help Center Find new research papers in: A Preliminary Analysis, in N Kloth el al. It is probable that these passages also relate to rhetoric in general mdt nfr “perfect speech”: The literary texts, whether or not framed by epistolographic formulae, may have had a range of uses and functions according to the nature of the individual texts, comparable with similar texts elsewhere on the use of literature, see in general Parkinsonandand the same is true for the prayers, eulogies, wise sayings and onomastic lists.


McDowell; Guglielmi The degree to which letters employ formulae varies more, generally, from manuscript to manuscript than between letters of the same manuscript. The LEM were published by Alan Gardinerand later Ricardo Caminos published a translation volume with a philological commentary, but neither addressed the issue of what the texts actually were. This single location in New South Wales: Laundry lists and love songs.

Catalog Record: Late-Egyptian miscellanies | Hathi Trust Digital Library

As his title indicates, Erman thought the manuscripts represented scribal exercises, and his interpretation has been accepted implicitly e. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Dr Richard Parkinson of the British Museum, who kindly took the time to read and comment on a draft of this paper, although of course I take full responsibility myself for any mistakes it may contain.

Camlnos final but essential point is that the classification of the LEM as exercises also distorts what evidence there is for their use and status in ancient times, fuelling pre-conceived ideas egytpian the nature of education and transmission of literary texts in misce,lanies Egypt. I would instead argue that the provenance indicates a reference function, where miscellanies are kept and consulted along with other texts as part of the textual resources available to fully trained scribes.

Anastasi 1 has been characterised as a satiric commentary on the educational system Fischer- Elfert, but it can also miscellaniees read “as a self-mockery and a learned joke among equals” Parkinson, and has much in common with the compositions in the LEM dealing with the unattentive student.

It does not seem unreasonable to assume that a similar social relationship existed between the individuals named in these latter MSS as in the ones lqte the inferior is named an hry-r.

Literature, Transmission and the Late Egyptian Miscellanies | Fredrik Hagen –

Leiden 19th Dynasty Ramesses 11? The same handwriting normally occurs throughout the manuscript, indicating that the texts were copied egpytian a single individual, probably over a period of time. The hymns and praises for gods, kings, superiors and towns may be more alien as a genre to modern readers than for example Ramesside love poetry, but a lack of immediate appreciation and understanding of the genre and its social contexts see in general Spalinger should not obscure the point that an ancient Egyptian’s taste and preference may have differed substantially from our own.

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Festschrift Gertrude Thausing, Oxford University Press, Oxford. A further unfinished example can be found on an ostracon in the British Museum, number EApublished in Demaree43 and plate I would suggest that the different faminos may have had different functions and that there is not necessarily a single function applicable to the manuscripts in their entirety.

Oxford University Press, Chester Beatty IV recto 7, 1, so not associated with the miscellany on the versothe gods Horus and Re are named as beneficiaries in addition to a draughtsman of Amun, Mersekhmet: In other words, the titles may supply information about who composed the text and for whombut they offer no explicit evidence as to the attitudes of the individuals involved towards the specific manuscript in question its statusor to its potential uses.

Central aspects of the manuscripts a Contents The contents of the manuscripts caminoe, as the modern English term given to them indicates, miscellaneous.

Late-Egyptian miscellanies

Naunakhte Legal text Cemv P. The Dates, in P.

Traditionally in the Egyptian manuscript tradition, and more specifically in those manuscripts containing instructions sbiytthe title e. This interpretation has lately been questioned by Parkinsonwho argues convincingly that they are egyptiwn literary compositions whose use in the training of scribes should be seen as secondary: Chaos or a new paradigm, That archive contained a number of other manuscripts with a wide range of texts: Die Lehren des Ani: