C&E 386 PDF

(ii) on deposit pending assessment (C&E. Management Act section ). OR. (iii) on deposit pending consideration of relief. Examined, Satisfied, Cleared . C&E – this form is issued by HM Revenue and. Customs for a vehicle of any age personally imported from outside the EU. □ C&E – this form is issued. You have personally imported your motor vehicle into the UK from outside the EC . You should obtain Form C&E ,. or from HM Customs and Excise.

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National Clearance Hub

Keepers Identification and Confirmation of Address. To do this you need to apply to the DVLA, you need to get them to send you a form, and you also need: I’ll distill the info and send off the paperwork and keep my fingers crossed.

The Nova document needs info that only the actual importer of the car would know, so many years 3866 it makes no sense as this info is impossible to get. But several stories I have heard from people in the same situation they were all explicable told to fill in the NOVA form regardless if it was imported before NOVA was implemented or after, but having had contact with the DVLA several times over the years I am not surprised that you didnt have to, the information seem to change depending on who you are talking to.

Well I just rang the company doing the imports for me. I’m using an import agents to help get my new car into the UK from Japan, and this morning I got a letter from HM Revenue and Customs, at which point I had to change my underpants and then open it, turns out it’s this form.


Application for release from conditions of relief. Document confirms vehicle now to full UK specification. Rates of Vehicle Tax. Do you have the receipt for the Defi? This form is no longer used, c&s commercial traders now register their own vehicles on the HMRC Online services.

I was in a similar situation to you when I imported my TR3a in but took until before it was fit to go on the road. One thing is that my car is produced in Maywhich I wrote to the Dvla with reference to the commission plate where the production date is stamped, still they entered the date of first registration to be 1.

You must also be able to provide documentary proof of these facts.

What is the Individual Vehicle Approval Scheme? See here for importing write-up: You can opt out from receiving our newsletter at any time by selecting the unsubscribe link that is in every email we send. For Kit Cars or rebuilt or substantially changed vehicles.

Help with Imported Vehicle Registration in the UK – Terminology

By using this site, you agree to our Terms c&r Use. Presumably I need to send it to the people who are going to be registering my car for me, c& what does the form actually mean, does it mean the car is now actually in the UK and has been seen by them, or is the form issued in advance?


I think the DVLA must be hit and miss with this then? For more information on how we use your data, read our privacy policy. All imported vehicle must be on this HMRC system. Then job done I guess.

Importing a car and converting C & E to NOVA 1 – TR2/3/3A/3B Forum – TR Register Forum

Import Freight Cargo Shipping Terms. Many Thanks to all for the replies. Thereafter it was simply a case of following the guidance set out on the following web page https: Referred to on a COC as Metric.

I can sort out the signal to the Defi that way then. HMRC number confirms import is in processing system. The Defi will not defeat the limiter, I don’t have any plans of driving that fast anyway, and having it intact is a good defence against massively inaccurate speed cameras.

Imported Vehicle and Classic Car Registration

This booklet is a guide to the technical requirements that need to be met before vehicles can be registered and licensed for use on roads in Great Britain. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. The following c&ee taken from the Department for Transport website: Shipping and Customs clearance doesn’t have to be expensive, but choosing the wrong agent could be! Referred to on a COC as Imperial. You will need the following information: