Speaker: Chander Ganesan. Image from Introduction to Django Wed 07 March From PyCon US · Image from Introduction to Django. Introduction to Django. Wed 07 March By Chander Ganesan The Django framework is a fast, flexible, easy to learn, and easy to use framework for. Intro to Django Workshop November tutorials, the Django book (to a lesser extent) and Chander Ganesan’s PyCon talk from this year.

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Introduction to Django 18 reviews. MrHunnymunch Add world wide web.

How to contact you: Ariana, Tunisia, North Africa. Chris Ellerby For those trying to get the link to work: View table of contents.

Chander Ganesan Apparently IT-my doesn’t like me to post working links Silicon Valley, CA; can travel globally. Contact jdimov at a Based in Argentina, spanish native speaker. A M It’s still there. For example, you may be able to give talks in a distant city that you visit regularly on business. Python, Django, large-scale web-based projects, e-commerce, e-government, security.

Introduction to Django by Chander Ganesan

In this session, we’ll cover the ganesanuntroduction of development with Django, generate a. I would assume that these slides carry a public license being presented at PyCon. You can’t copy-paste it. The question that i want to ask is: See past presentations at http: Table of Contents Introduction to Django Part 1 This isn’t a firm commitment to give a talk if you’re asked, but allows organizers to contact you and negotiate terms.


For those trying to get the link to work: Poison Ghost thanks for posting this! Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Plone, Django, Google App Engine, open source, sprinting, running an open source consulting business. Vikas Deolaliker Does the link still work? Ganesan seems to be active on Twitter, but is also actively ignoring me or chanxer help and just is not responding.

Available within Ohio and adjacent states.

Introduction to Django

That being said, I’ve received numerous requests for these slides via email, and have responded with a copy of the slide deck each time. Understanding Django for Beginners. Willing to travel anywhere. Borko Novacevski Hi, i am new to Django and i installed django 1. Django, Python, database journalism, and Open Source in general. Type the whole thing out. ganesaninroduction

Available in Europe and US. Chander Ganesan The link still works, they are not gone.

PythonSpeakers – Python Wiki

Fast, flexible, and easy to learn, Django is an ideal framework for any web developer looking to design and deploy websites and services using Python. Senthil Babu A very good talk but the screen should have been zoomed in.

Chander Ganesan The slides are online here: Dnango, Django, GeoDjango jdunck -at- gmail. Boston, MA; willing to travel. Unable to edit the page? If you’re willing and able to speak on Python topics, please add yourself to the list below. D I love Django anyway. Ganesan just now concerning this topic. You must type it out. Building a Blog with Django 1.


Introduction to Django

I do not think further attempts will be fruitful. Learn how to build a new Django website or application Understand Django flow, including URLconf expression, view function, and HTTPResponse object Create Django templates with syntax, common filters and tags, and loops Generate simple Django views, ganesanimtroduction configure a URLConf for basic views Choose a database and learn how to define and use models for simple data retrieval Define a basic Django data model and understand model fields and options Work with QuerySets, including ganessnintroduction, slicing, ordering, common methods Learn how to use the Admin interface “Introduction to Django” captures one of the popular tutorial sessions presented at OSCON — the O’Reilly Open Source Convention held in Portland, Oregon in July.

Adam Cook I tried several times now. Organizers of Python user groups and regional conferences need help finding ganesanintroruction to pull together great events and grow the Python community. Several people have gganesanintroduction personal wiki pages and linked to them. It would appear that we must do without. Pantsly This is one talk I’d really like to see the slides for.