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The procedures to implement supply control, item accounting, and transaction reporting are contained in Department of the Army (DA) Pamphlet (Pam) 2. DA Pam 25––2 Security Procedures for Controlled Cryptographic Items. ( Cited in para 2–) DA Pam –56 Logistics Supportability Planning and. DA Pam 25––2 Security Standards for Controlled Cryptographic Items. (Cited in para 3–) DA Pam –51 Risk Analysis for Army Property. (Cited in.

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Can the potential site be adequately defended in case of attack? Completed columns 9f l through 9f 5as locally prescribed. The MOS training plan provides information on which to base integration, cross-train, train-up, and sustainment training programs.


ARAR a. Ensured ORF items were exchanged on a one-for-one basis. They may be conducted year-round. Enter the evaluator’s name, paj soldier’s name, and the unit.

Production methods in a maintenance unit include the onsite, bay shop, bench shop, and production line methods. Commanders should use the MOS training plan when developing unit training plans. Therefore, the MTP should be used as a guide for conducting unit training and not a rigid standard. Drive or ride to selected site. Ensure the on-hand quantity and quantity on the HR match. Some tasks may also include detailed training information in a Training Information Outline and an Evaluation Preparation Section.


Compare the number of performance measures the soldier passes and, if applicable, which ones against the task standards specified in the task summary. Reconciled reports from production control and shop supply. Standards are typically expressed in terms of accuracy, completeness, duration, sequence, speed, and tolerance.

Is the site location within the range, capabilities, and limitations of the equipment to be deployed? Refer to AR b. Review local SOP for unit-specific requirements for the site. Identified and coordinated required support maintenance.

Initial inspection is used to determine tools, personnel, parts, cost, etc, needed to accomplish repair. Following is the task summary format: ARSOP a.

The task standards describe how well and to what level of proficiency the soldier must perform the task under wartime conditions. Reviewed shop security program and made required corrective action in accordance with required references.

Entered data on missile equipment that was NMC at the close of the reporting period in Part 3. Make a list of any damaged equipment. Does the potential site provide adequate camouflage and concealment?

Is the site relatively flat and well-drained? Verify facilities and space are available to conduct the inventory.


25-3880-2 Pam —— —— 2. Allocate and organize resources to provide needed support after considering all requirements, resources, and other considerations. The person transferring the property keeps the original; the copy is provided pwm the person receiving the property. Observe work flow to ensure item is assigned to appropriate section and repair person. Enter the task title and digit number from the STP task summary. These critical tasks are grouped by task commonality into subject areas.

Trainers can use the MOS training plan to determine the critical tasks each pzm is responsible for. Coordinated transactions of ORF equipment. It contains an MOS training plan providing information needed to plan, conduct, and evaluate unit training, one of the most important jobs of military leaders. They are also responsible for maintaining performance of all common tasks listed in the SMCTs at their current skill level and below.


Review entries on counseling forms for errors. Ensure you take note of personnel, equipment, and logistic requirements when preparing for site selection. Inform the commander of inventory results.

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