‘Delivered from the Powers of Darkness’ Confessions of Satanic namely, Emmanuel Eni whose book ” Deliverance from the Power of. Delivered from the Powers of Darkness has 44 ratings and 4 reviews. ♥Mary♢ Sweet♧Dreams♤Are♥Made♢of♧This♤ said: This book was very informative and . DELIVERED FROM THE POWERS OF DARAKNESS (by Emmanuel ENI) -God , translating me from the power of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son.

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I find the book very inspirational. Some nights, she would disappear and reappear.

One day, I locked my flat and went out; coming back, I opened the door and behold a man sitting in the parlor. These centers usually called spiritual healing homes are all around us. When the Bible says: I laughed because when in the spirit I looked into their lives almost three quarters of the people singing this chorus were living in sin.

They first peeped and then came in. Some Christians bind and cast out demons without sending them to specific destinations. Causing slumber in the church.

Delivered from the Power of Darkness PDF by Emmanual Eni

Major operations in the living churches and fellowships are: Alice, a very beautiful girl, told me that she was an accountant with the Standard Bank and that she would make me rich and give me all that I needed in this life and said: Alice was a girl I knew during my elementary school days. So I decided to shelve giving my testimony to anyone. Inside this jungle was a cave, and this cave delievred only opened by these demonic birds.


Therefore parents, know the background of your house helps. This was too much for me, so I decided to kill him physically. This takes place the moment he admires her lustfully. All these while, she still did not tell me her name.

At the end of this speech he dismissed the meeting. About Emmanuel Amos Eni. Before my eyes, Alice used her fingers and plucked out the child eyes. I turned to the Church and became a full member of the Assemblies of God church in my village I still am but unfortunately no one cared even when some of the members knew about me. I never spoke a word to her. I met a man called Anthony. I decided not to worry since I knew the relationship would not develop more than that.

I would like to mention here that barrenness is mostly caused by demons.

The day you break this covenant your own is gone. She was darnkess ardent agent of the Queen of the Coast and very wicked.

Christians should note that the moment they go into real praises to God almighty, there would be trouble and confusion both in the sea and in the air, and the agents of satan would have no resting place. After this He said to me: This continued for a fro, and when the ‘sister’ saw that she had succeeded in putting out the light of Christ in Sister J, she changed and started visiting Sister J in the spirit.

I stayed in Lagos for a week and went back to the sea, this time for two months. Michael’s State School, Rumuomasi – at 2.

This state of euphoria was short-lived, because after a period of three months strange things started happening. National Currency of Nigeria! I came back to give a report assignment but she was wrathful with me. Eni carries on like this for some delivsred until coming to describe how he was invited to the house of a preacher named Anthony and “was knocked down by the spirit of God”.


Delivered from the powers of darkness by Emmanuel Amos Eni – Inspirational Videos

The man then took me in his car to his house and had been waiting. Immediately I remembered the Bible study we had in Port Harcourt, about the power in the word. I saw it and it is a terrible place. Eventually he visited an occult library and learnt delievred manners of supernatural powers, resulting in events like this:. One thing is clear and that is, the devil would either encourage you to believe that he is a myth or simple evil thoughts, or ebi make you see more of his powers and less of the powers of God.

It is dangerous for a Christian living in sin to cast out demons. Retrieved from ” powegs She later transferred her membership to my own denomination. Jesus, after Peter pointed out to Him the dried fig tree cursed by the Lord, said: Or a pregnant woman sees herself having sexual intercourse with a man.