Protezione civile: firmato protocollo d’intesa tra Italia e Marocco IT only; 1/10/ UNISDR. PPRD . Arabic only; 28/11/ The Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS builds on the enormous Situation epidemiologique du VIH/Sida et des IST au Maroc. Rabat. KPMG Al Fozan & Al Sadhan, a Saudi Arabian and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms Note 1) and-people/variety/11/august/5/; monde/pages/;.

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Local Versus International Crises, Foreign Subsidiaries and Bank Stability, Tammuz Al Raheb and Amine Tarazi We investigate the impact of global and local crises on bank stability and examine the effect of owning bank subsidiaries in other countries. We use the recently released household survey data in combination with estimated tariff pass-through elasticities and wage elasticities obtained from Mincerian equations.

Evidence from Turke, Seyit Mumin Cilasun and Semih Tumen In this paper, we ask whether private pension savings crowd-out non-pension savings of the households in Turkey. Fiscal Outcomes in Bahrain: Where Has All the Education Gone?

EU Delegation to Montenegro.

Hiya li brat Cheb Must Feat Hamada AKA-

We find evidence that government spending tends to be counter-cyclical conditional on temporary shocks and pro-cyclical conditional on permanent shocks.

However, the free trade agreements FTAs signed by the EU with third party countries may create some unfair competitive pressures, market share and welfare losses for Turkey. Risk sharing vs Risk bearing and shifting, Mohamed Mekki Ben Jemaa and Zoheir Bouchaddakh A large empirical literature has been developed, in the two last decades, to compare performance of Islamic and conventional banks.

Firm and Regional Factors of Productivity: In this paper, we ask whether private pension savings crowd-out non-pension savings of the households in Turkey. Home Events Annual Conferences.

دستور المملكة المغربية 2017

Ministry of Security Bosnia and Herzegovina. Was the response adequate or excessive? After falling for decades, fertility rates are increasing. In order to answer this question, we evaluate the effect of a policy change which created an exogenous variation in the early tracking status of the students. EU Delegation to Israel.


Aysan, Mustafa Disli and Huseyin Ozturk We examine the degree of sensitivity to interest rate changes among creditors and depositors in Islamic and conventional banks. Inequality of Opportunities among Tunisian Children Over Time and Space, Hatem Jemmali This paper attempts to provide additional light on the analysis of the level and trends in inequality of opportunity among Tunisian children during the last quinquennium before the revolution.

The ability to manage hazards. The Role of Religion in Transition to Democracy, Ali Sarzaeem There is a widespread belief that some religions are essentially more political than the others.

In particular, an explicit risk aggregation and capital expression is provided regarding the portfolio choice and capital requirements special context. Accessibility, Transportation Cost and Regional Growth: It presents a detailed case study of illegal trade networks in Southern Tunisia. We study empirically the reaction of fiscal policy to changes in the permanent and transitory components of GDP in a panel of countries.

We investigate the dynamics of the co-movement and causal relationship of the GCC sukuk Islamic bond returns with global financial distress and various uncertainty factors including financial and commodity market and economic policy uncertainty indicesusing the quantile regression analysis.

This paper calls for a political economy approach to integrate insights from these divergent lines of scholarship. This paper does not discuss the benefits of diaspora returnee or incentives offered to diaspora members to return to their home country to invest, create jobs or work in the government.

This paper contributes to the literature on the determinants of Business Cycle Synchronization with the aim of assessing the impact of several channels trade, finance and remittances on international business cycle co-movements.

This paper puts to test the balance sheets of 3 of its largest 10 banks. It reviews different fiscal influences of three interrelated institutional factors: In this paper, we use multilevel models to simultaneously analyze individual and contextual factors that might affect the total factor productivity of Tunisian manufacturing firms for the period Il Giornale della Protezione Civile.


Rania Roushdy and Irene Selwaness The purpose of this paper is to investigate the school-to-work transition of graduates from subsequent graduation cohorts between and in Egypt.

The growth model at the Sala-i-Martin and fashion is revisited in order to take into account the interdependence of growth across countries based on the idea that outcomes are subject to mutual influence through a set of geographical, cultural, economic and financial determinants that are likely to condition growth propagation between economies through the world. Politics of Global Value Chains, Julian Hinz and Elsa Leromain The proliferation of global value chains makes the domestic production of goods increasingly dependent on inputs from foreign sources.

This paper compares the early employment outcomes of those graduates after the 25th January revolution to that of those who graduated before ERF 22nd Annual Conference on: Ministry of Education Website.

Deciphering the Relationship between Internal Migration and Inequality in Tunisia, Mohamed Amara and Hatem Jemmali This paper examines the factors that cause and affect intergovernorate migrations in Tunisia, with special focus on the role of regional socio-economic disparities in driving large internal migration streams.

We rely on instrumental variable approach but also employ Difference-in-Differences, as well as Difference-in-Difference matching techniques to control for the endogeneity and selection into migration. Lacking an acceptable political settlement, governments are too busy with war to focus on policymaking for development.