educational media, held in Santiago de Compostela in September The theme for Edital de convocação para inscrição no processo de avaliação e seleção de livros Histoire de la littérature enfantine, Paris: Abin Michel. Carreras. Abin. Agência Brasileira de Inteligência. AC. Acre. Alap. Área sob Limitação Administrativa Provisória. Alos Climáticas (PNMC), lançada pela Lei de 29/12/ O edital correspondente à Floresta Nacional Saracá-Taquera . 27 jul. O edital do leilão bate com a explicação: discrimina o uso exclusivo dos equipamentos . O Sisbin está sobre o comando da Abin (Agência Brasileira de . entre e , chegou-se a apelidar o país de Grampolândia.

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As Editwl Fearnside points out, ‘Belo Monte itself is economically unviable because the highly seasonal water flow in the river would leave the 11, MW main powerhouse completely idle during months out of the year Instead, on arrival at Belo Monte they were incarcerated, raped and exploited. Police in Amazon, by Paulo Suess This brutal raid was carried out not by guerrillas or militia in a military esital, but by the Brazilian Federal Police and the National Guard.

Sobre Marina da Silva:. Some told of their houses being flooded, and avalanches caused by the dams. De Olho na Floresta! If however the President fails to reform the current model of development, if she continues aabin this path, Brazil may slip back into an era of violence, exploitation and civil unrest.

Federal do Acre Univ. To my surprise, the World Bank is recommending several large dam projects as editql infrastructure initiatives, including the Inga 3 dam on the Congo River, and hydropower projects on the Zambezi River. The river is their lifeline. The list of sins is comprehensive: I was distraught by the suffering I witnessed in the area. But the scheme was redesigned between and It will not be long before the other species follow suit. The people of the Xingu need our support.

In July ten men from a private security firm were arrested for the murder. He immediately confessed that he had been hired by the Belo Monte consortium to infiltrate the organisation and feed information back to the consortium – and the Brazilian government’s national intelligence agency ABIN. The group comprised women and men – people of all ages.


Which is why there are five other dams planned upstream. According to Brent Millikan of International Riversthis signals a new trend of intimidation; NGOs and protesters are being threatened with fines editwl imprisonment.

A great part of Brazil’s rich, varied cultural heritage edigal be lost. Copenhaga Dossier International Rivers: Environmental destruction The Xingu is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The plan for Belo Monte was devised induring the years of Brazil’s dictatorship. All over Brazil, even now, the Amazon’s waterways are being blocked and diverted. As at Belo Monte, it seems the Brazilian government has been quick to answer resistance with a show of military and police force. According to the report the workers living arrangements were ‘subhuman A month later, on the 7th of November a helicopter and dozens of men in flak jackets, armed with machine guns and assault rifles, descended upon Teles Pires.

But they are lucrative- for some. The heavy handed measures being taken by the Brazilian government may signal a return to the old, dark days, to a culture of impunity in which persecution, harassment and even the murder of protesters is escalating – all across Brazil.

I visited the Madeira River on my fact finding mission to Brazil in Near its mouth the river mingles with the waters of the Amazon in a network of eanos, or natural canals.

edital abin pdf – PDF Files

There is little left to eat, and no more living to be made from the river. Not because they are a threat, but because their protests halt construction. Several people were seriously injured and one man, Adenilson Kirixi Munduruku was killed.

According to a mandate from the Federal Ministry, the troops will remain onsite at Belo Monte for at least 90 days – they could stay indefinitely. They claim landowners hired them to kill Mr Gomes.

Explosions, diversion of the river flow, sedimentation and pollution caused by the preliminary earth ‘coffer dams’ have already had devastating impacts on fish populations in the Xingu. Climate Change Dossier The Ecologist: Some had hoped Moreira’s trial would prove to be a landmark in Brazilian land dispute killings – but he was acquitted on April 4th, Belo Monte Dossier Greenpeace: Those villagers who resisted were deal with harshly.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is being openly flouted. Belo Monte will destroy the forest, cause the extinction of many rare species of animals and plants, affect the global environment and contribute to climate change. His body was thrown in the river, perhaps for the purposes of concealment; it resurfaced the next day. All the contents of the dredge were also destroyed including a fridge and a gas cooker. When it is completed inthe Jirau hydroelectric dam will span 8km of the Madeira river and contain the largest number of giant turbines of any dam in the world.

Cop 15 Webcast

Belo Monte probably won’t be capable of delivering the promised, massive output. According to Fiona Watson of Survival International’One abon the objectives of the government’s drive to build so many hydro-electric dams in the Amazon is to provide cheap subsidized energy to the mining companies which are poised to mine in indigenous lands. Intimidation across Brazil The edltal of intimidation is not restricted to dam sites.

Large international companies like Alstom, Andritz, Voith Hydro and Daimler, all of whom are involved in the construction of Belo Monte, are profiting from the dam at the expense of the tens of thousands of people who call the Xingu their home. It is large corporations, investors and the government who profit.

edital abin 2009 pdf

During the dry season, when the river is at its lowest level, the dam will only be able to produce 209. The Xingu will become unrecognisable and for many, uninhabitable.

It should come as no surprise that land disputes in Brazil are rife, and highly dangerous: Belo Monte will be the third largest hydroelectric plant in the world and the second-largest hydroelectric dam in Brazil.

According to Brazilian newspaper Aditalmany of the dam workers support the protesters cause, comparing Belo Monte’s labour conditions to a ‘prison.