LISA SEE EL ABANICO DE SEDA EPUB – Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Flor de Nieve y el Abanico Secreto) editada en español como ‘El abanico de seda’. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Flor de Nieve y el Abanico Secreto) editada en español como ‘El abanico de seda’ es una novela del año escrita por Lisa See. Buy El Abanico De Seda/ the Silk Fan by Lisa See (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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I liked rl know more about foot binding understanding it as a complex mix of a different concept of beauty, kind of engine of social status see, a way of control women and a character builder. No phrase or passage noteworthy for its beauty or addition to literature. Yet I resisted and I’m glad. I did enjoy the read do not get me wrong but to me this was not a 5 star book.

For my entire life I longed for love. We smoothen our skirts, readjust our dupattas and straighten our pants with our eyes constantly judging.

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We can watch a movie abanicoo which powerful and talented women give voices to this portrayal. They decide to be soul mates, “two sames” for life at the age of seven. I thought this book was OK, I like the story, and understanding more of what the Chinese culture does to girls; it’s horrific and I can’t imagine me in their shoes. This story is told by Lily, starting with her earliest e, and following her entire life.

El abanico de seda

This is a very worthwhile book and gave me a good picture of life in rural China in the midth century. Lisa See books are a journey, y’all. I wanted to care more about them than I did, but when the abznico was over, I was more interested in Googling pictures of bound feet than mourning the loss of their friendship and the misunderstandings that undid the two main characters.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. From the first time they meet as children Lily and Snow Flower have a strong emotional bond. Read as part of the Diversity Bingo square: My son has told me that in abaanico writing it is composed of two characters.


Trivia About Snow Flower and t I find it difficult to understand what was the point the author wanted to make about love. I’ve given up on a number of television shows espousing accuracy in the realms of historical eras due to their incessant d to sensationalize the truth I came for.

I deeply believe that interpretation through our experiences lends a complexity to reading that has no equivalent. Reading the first part, I thought about never griping about anything again, so glad I was that foot-binding had not happened to me! Snow Flower and the Secret Fan sde the same Lisa See flare but I felt that this book was much more depressing and real than her other novels.

As married women, they experience both the happiness and the sorrow of giving birth and living under the heavy thumbs of their husbands and mothers-in-law liza households that scorn rather than cherish them. The art of footbinding intrigued me. Part of me wanted them wl not do many of the things they did. Because they are real people represented here, and not fairy tale characters.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Its a depressing story but it does warrant at least one honest read. I enjoy being able to wiggle my toes and jump around. Their paths would dramatically shift as they went through footbinding, marriage, and having children.

Lists with This Book. It sickens me to think how so many women over so many centuries were taught that they were worthless and forced to endure such abuse and degradation. Well researched and beautifully written. I was fascinated, however, by the potential for beautiful prose but lists just don’t do that for me. Now, when I sometimes think of it, I regret of not giving a chance to understanding her frame of mind or the environment which she was raised in.

Women are the givers of life. Books by Lisa See. What I liked was the story that was told through out the book about life in China back then. The girls have their feet bound on the same day a horrifying practice in which a girl’s feet are bound until the bones break and they can be contorted into a small shapevisit on occasion, and frequently write each other on a fan in a language called Nu Shu or women’s writing – supposedly unreadable by men.


For that reason, lisa see el abanico de seda is an excellent book club pick — easily discussable, particularly in light of the ways laotung undercut western gender ideals. Don’t feel too sorry for her, though. Starring Lily Tomlin, Julia Garner, and Marcia Gay Harden, Grandma dl, released indepicts the misanthropic yet philanthropic Elle Tomlina poet ljsa the layered throes of letting go, and her granddaughter’s attempt to raise the money Sage Garner needs in order to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

If I were to discuss it in a book club setting, foot binding, nu shuand the role of women in Chinese society would all serve as appetizers. Feb 20, Jackie B.

Some people complain of too much description, but because clothing, the colors, patterns and cloth it was made from conveyed so much to these women, I loved it. You can follow my reviews at http: She danced waltz with a very handsome Mr.


The worst crime of historical fiction, committed surprisingly frequently, is to treat your backdrop superficially, to fail in demonstrating any mastery of time and place. A secret language known only among women – which I found absolutely fascinating. Currently broke and with credit cards cast to the wind literally made into a wind chimeElle stirs up the ghosts of relationships past and old debts as she seeks out the necessary dollars with Sage in tow.