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Find the most up-to-date version of EN at Engineering Buy IEC Ed. Graphical symbols for use on equipment Part 1: Overview and application from SAI Global. This collection includes both ISO and IEC graphical symbols that can be placed on equipment to indicate how to use it correctly and safely. It includes symbols.

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To indicate disconnection from the mains, at least for mains switches or their positions, and all those cases where safety is involved. Appropriate caution should be taken.

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Over the past two decades he has played a pivotal role in the harmonization of U. For more information about safety signs and symbols, visit www.

Biological risks Indicates that there are potential biological risks associated with the medical device. Battery-powered devices, Audio equipment, Radio direction-finding, Graphic symbols, Acoustic equipment, Sound generators, Electrical components, Switches, Marine navigation, Domestic electrical installations, Laundry equipment, Marking, Identification methods, Video recording, Audio amplifiers, Electrical equipment, Lines geometryElectrical household 604417-1, Symbols, Electrical medical equipment, Colour television, Classification systems, Designations, Packaging, Shape, Electrical safety, Dishwashing machines, Radar equipment, Underwater communication, Magnetic tape equipment, Electronic equipment and components, Television equipment, Instructions for use, Radio equipment, Recording equipment, Marks, Telecommunication.

This latter terminal should be marked or labeled with the symbol IEC Indicates the number of drops per milliliter. Capability Please Select Anesthesia delivery Biosciences Cervical cancer screening Diabetes care Drug delivery systems Genomics Hazardous drug safety Infection prevention Infusion Lab automation Medication and supply management Microbiology solutions Molecular diagnostics Sharps disposal solutions Software solutions Specimen collection Surgical instruments Syringes and needles.

To identify an earth ground terminal in cases where neither the symbol nor is explicitly stated. To identify switches which control light sources, e. Note 1 – To identify a battery check function, the use of symbol is recommended. The protective conductor connecting points shall have no other function and are not intended, for example, to attach or connect appliances or parts.


To identify any terminal which is intended for connection to an external conductor for protection against electrical shock in case of a fault, or the terminal of a protective earth ground electrode. Batch code Indicates the manufacturer’s batch een so that the batch or lot can be identified. To identify a frame or chassis terminal. ISO and IEC are creating a global language for safety and identification, and the use of words or letters as symbols can serve to undermine this goal.

Caution Indicates the need for the user to consult the instructions for use for important cautionary information such as warnings and precautions that cannot, for a variety of reasons, be presented on the medical 60417-11 itself. Do not re-use Indicates a medical device that is intended for one use, or for use on a single patient during a single procedure.

Note 1 – The meaning of this graphical symbol depends upon its orientation. The number of drops per milliliter is specified; 20 is shown as an example and should be replaced by the appropriate number of drops per milliliter. Plug the PC unit into an AC outlet during storage to fn a fully charged battery. Indicates a control material that is intended to verify the results in the expected negative range.

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Symbols Glossary Definition

Fluid path Indicates the presence of a fluid path. To identify the battery holder itself and to identify the positioning of the cell s inside the battery holder. Storage humidity range Indicates the sn of humidity t which the medical device can be safely exposed ISO Reference no. Overview and application Status: Sterilized using irradiation Indicates a medical device that has been sterilized using irradiation ISO Reference no.


Sterilized using aseptic processing techniques Indicates a medical device that has been manufactured using accepted aseptic techniques ISO Reference no. Keep away from sunlight Indicates a medical device that needs protection from light sources ISO Reference no.

EVS-EN 60417-1:2002

Electromagnetic compatibility — Requirements and tests. Use-by-date Indicates the date after which the medical device is not to be used.

Indicates a control material that is intended to verify the results in the expected positive range. To identify an earth ground terminal in 6017-1 where neither the symbol nor is explicitly required. Note 2 – See also symbol The Grounding Symbols Identifying the ground terminal is critical to ensuring the products you design can be properly used and serviced in a safe manner.

Negative control Indicates a control material that is intended to verify the results in the expected negative range. Example, sterile fluid path sterilized using radiation Medical device contains a sterile fluid path that has been sterilized using irradiation.

In vitro diagnostic medical Indicates a medical device that is intended to be used as an in vitro diagnostic medical device ISO Reference no.

IECTable D. Em symbol may be used in any field of application provided there is no ambiguity. Your basket is empty. Serial number Indicates the manufacturer’s serial number so that a specific medical device can be identified. IEC Reference no. Contains or presence of phthalate:

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