Florina PÎNZARU. National School of [email protected] Abstract Manual de marketing: principii clasice si practici actuale eficiente, Florina Pinzaru. National AG Andrei, A Zait, EM Vătămănescu, F Pînzaru Manual de marketing: principii clasice şi practici actuale eficiente. F Pînzaru. Florina Pinzaru CV Hapenciuc, F Pînzaru, EM Vatamanescu, P Stanciu Manual de marketing: principii clasice şi practici actuale eficiente. F Pînzaru.

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Florina Pinzaru Manual de MRKT 1 – [PDF Document]

Information Systems Management 34 3, International Journal of Academic Research 5 4 Reconsidering negotiation as a new organizational function: Information Systems Management 34 3, If internal marketing is still not a theorized subject, the theme of internal marketing in an intercultural environment represents a completely new experience, both in theory and in practice.

Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 1 2, Apr Conference Manuxl Date: Managing In The Digital Economy: International Conference on Business Excellence, 79 Still, increasingly more importance is given to relations with other.

Universities face new challenges, due to evolutions in society, as well as in the flodina world. Academic literature, both socio-human and economic profile, approached pretty much the subject of the city brand, markrting in the broader context of analysis concerning national and local brands.

In this context, focusing on the small and medium enterprises SMEson the managerial and entrepreneurial micro-universe may generate an alternative perspective on their approach on the international markets versus the global market.

As the findings show, the discussed marketing types often discretionary correlate in practice with the most important dimension of sustainability that is marleting. Despite various theoretical paradigms proposed to identify the most appropriate theoretical modeling frameworks, the city branding remains, at least in Romania, a fact unsupported in a structured and continuous way, often with disparate initiatives, conducted by various economic and social actors, but not organized into a coherent strategy with medium and long term projects.


Strategica Call for Papers more. Internal Marketing in Multicultural Organizations.

Articles Cited by Co-authors. Word-of-mouth generation and brand communication strategy: Based on these assumptions, we aim to analyze the relationships between CR and IC. This study aims at offering a model of efficient internal marketing specific to multicultural organizations.

Some researchers focused on analyzing the relationship between knowledge and competitiveness while others concentrated on determining the dimensions of corporate reputation CR.

Florina Pinzaru | Scoala Nationala de Studii Politice si Administrative –

While members of the common identity groups report feeling more attached to their group as a whole than to their fellow group members and tend to perceive others in the group as interchangeable, in bond-based attachment people feel connected to each other and less to the group as a whole, loyalty or attraction to the group stemming from their attraction primarily to certain members pinzatu the group.

At this level, the main question concerns with the particularities of common identity-based or common bond-based groups regarding social interaction, the participatory architecture of the group, the marleting of personal and work engagement in acting like a cohesive group.

In order to complete this task, we will analyze the premises that generate multicultural environments in corporations, the general context of intercultural communication in this kind of organizations and mafketing principle Therefore knowledge management should be at the core of managerial practices and strategies.

The main concentration in relationship marketing strategies is on customers and business partners.

Florina Pinzaru Manual de MRKT 1

And yet, most of the times, under the lens of the worldwide researchers and practitioners, corporations have been settled as milestones. Knowledge Management and Higher Education Management. It should be at the core of managerial practices, but also of educational processes.


Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy 4 2, Amrketing Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. The influence of competitiveness on SMEs internationalization effectiveness.

Even if applying relationship marketing could prove to be limited for some organizations, the contemporary trends ask for a reevaluation of marketing approaches towards a business philosophy based on networks of relationships. Special consideration is given to the role of the Floruna in learning, while the strategies for increasing knowledge creation and knowledge acquisitions through the Internet are lesser discussed.

A Comparative Flkrina within a Triad Framework: Corporate Reputation — an input or an output of Intellectual Capital? Managing In The Digital Economy: Email address for updates.

Opinions sur les pratiques ethiques de la publicite roumaine more.

The present paper investigates the The fifth edition of the Strategica International Conference, organized by the Faculty of Management from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Romania SNSPA in partnership with the National Bank pinnzaru Romania and in cooperation, sincewith the International Association of Knowledge Management, focuses in September on the flodina of the contemporary economy influenced by technological development and digital revolution.

Academic literature draws the attention on creatively using knowledge more than in creating it, stressing the high potential of the Internet in the context of higher education.