fxG PLUS (English) Cover Black fxG PLUS .. The options described in Chapter 9 of this manual may not be available in certain geographic areas. User manual, users manuals, user guide, operating instructions. User manual , View FXG PLUS pdf User manual. Download FXG PLUS pdf user. View and Download CASIO FXG PLUS user manual online. FXG PLUS Calculator pdf manual download.

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Performing a Data Transfer Operation Connect the two units and then perform the following procedures. Making the starting value less than the ending value and specifying a positive step value causes the control variable to be incremented with each execution. Page 12 Chapter 9 Data Communications While the graph settings screen is on the display, use f and c to move the highlighting to the Data item.

The following are the meanings of the items that appear in this screen. Use the cursor keys to select the CONT icon and press or simply press to display the contrast adjustment screen.

While the manuap list is on the display, use f and c to move the highlighting to the name of the program you want to delete.

fxG – Calculators – Manuals – CASIO

Example 1 To use List 3 to perform sin List 3. Calculation Priority Sequence Chapter 2 Basic Calculations k k k k k Calculation Priority Sequence The calculation priority sequence is the order that the calculator performs opera- tions. Quadratic regression graph 1 Log. Fraction Calculations Basic Calculations Chapter 2 8. Press [ to display the Cell Operation Menu.


Internal operations use digit mantissa. The calculator automatically selects the next parameter for input. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Press the function key that corresponds to the number of significant digits you want to set 0 to 9.

Casio fx-7400G PLUS Instruction Manual

Selecting Value Display Modes Before Programming The programming function helps to make complex, often-repeated calculations quick and easy. Values greater than 10 less than 10are automatically converted to a 4-digit mantissa including nega- tive sign plus a 2-digit exponent. Lbl command 2 Goto.

The following types of data can be sent by this command. To send the screen 1. Skips to next data item. Statistical graph regression coefficient and multinomial coeffi- cients If swallowed, consult with a physician immediately.

List Operations List Function Chapter 6 1. Fix Mode This mode lets plu specify the number of decimal places to manuap displayed. Got it, continue to print. To exit pluw View Window, press Q. This command repeats everything between the For-statement and the Next-statement. Jump Commands jump Programming Chapter 8 Example: Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calculations 2. Page 11 Contents Plotting Data Specifies list where single-variable frequency values Fre- quency are located. Graphing Chapter 4 b.

The Then-statement is executed only when the If-condition is true non- zero.


Sends selected data items. Before Performing a Data Communication Operation. Searching for a File 7. Do not input the square brackets when inputting a command. There is also a collec- tion of powerful list data manipulation functions that let you do the following.


P,us Chapter 4 u u u u u To graph parametric functions You can graph parametric functions that can be expressed in the following format. Data Communications Chapter 9 You cannot send the following types of screens to a computer. Press 1 BOXand then use the cursor keys d, e, f, c to move the pointer to the location of one of the corners of the box you want to draw on the screen. Table and Graph Chapter 5 5. This means you can back up and correct plux without having to input the entire calculation.

Repeat the above operation to simplify again.

Press 1 YES to delete all the programs in the list or 4 NO to abort the operation without deleting anything. This also applies when storing inequalities. Then command 3 Else.

CASIO FX-7400G PLUS User Manual

The function menu changes to confirm whether you really want to delete all the manuual in the list. Press A to clear the error message. Page 77 Graphing Chapter 4 2.