Gamet Bearings have been manufacturing high precision tapered roller bearings .. Catalogue speed ratings are based on the use of oil lubrication. GREASE. Buy Gamet Bearings from Quality Bearings Online Ltd, Full Range Available Online, Products In Stock, Same Day Despatch, All Orders Shipped DHL. This catalogue includes informa- tion related to bearings of about. types and sizes, produced by the plants of EPK in accordance with the Russian and.

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Gamet bearings consist of four basic components — the inner race conethe outer race cuptapered rollers and cage. All rights are reserved. Other specific features of Gamet tapered roller bearings include: The selection of a suitable viscosity grade is important to optimize the life and performance of bearings and adjacent components.

This information is provided courtesy and permission of Gamet Bearing. Ongoing investment in new equipment and technology will ensure the continuing reputation of Gamet as a manufacturer of high precision, high quality bearings.

Bearing cage — The cage has a low coefficient of friction.

Catalogue speed ratings are based on the use of oil lubrication Grease Grease lubrication offers a simplified and cost effective option as the lubricant is more easily retained within the bearing. Click here for technical data.

Gamet Bearing Products

Care must be taken when locking bearings to ensure all rolling elements are seated properly, this is achieved by rotating at periodic intervals during locking. Initial packaging is catqlogue gauge PVC bags, which are heat sealed, and boxed.

Never attempt to fit cold as the amount of interference between cones and shaft will prevent sliding and any direct blows will cause damage to rolling elements and raceways.

Precision RPM offers a service of supplying bearings pre-greased to suit your requirements. Bearings must be correctly lubricated to reduce friction between the rolling elements and raceways. Precision Tapered Roller Bearings. All necessary parts, tools and equipment should be available before commencing. Plain Cup G Type Click here for technical data. High precision, high quality, original fit in many of the world’s top machine tools.


The choice of a suitable lubricant and method of lubrication is very important and depends upon the operating conditions temperature, range, speeds, loads, environment.

Filtration is strongly recommended as contaminated oil will have an adverse effect on bearing life and performance. In addition, the tapered construction allows the bearing to carry combinations of radial and thrust load.

Gamet Bearings | Bearings Online Catalogue

It is recommended that drawings and instructions are studied to determine the correct order of assembly. Small seating force from the inner race rib keeps rollers aligned on the raceway. Gamet bearing tolerances Shaft O. Gamet Rollers are ground between centers to achieve near perfect roundness. Mounting should be undertaken in clean, dry, dust free conditions away from metal working or other operations producing swarf or dust. The inner races cones of the bearings must be preheated to expand sufficiently to assist mounting on shaft.

Gamet Bearings have been manufacturing high precision tapered roller bearings for over forty years in their Colchester factory.

This reduces the level of tight fit to facilitate adjustment of the bearing. Precision — Gamet bearings are manufactured only in a high precision class. The small seating force x produced at the rib aligns the rollers to prevent skewing. As such it can replace a P type bearing when additional load capacity is required. Depending on rotational speed, grease lubrication may be used as an alternative to oil.

Use the links below each type to access the sizes and data sheets.

Ball bearing slides – BALL BEARING SLIDE

Originally founded to serve the machine tool industry, Gamet has today expanded into other sectors of industry having high precision bearing requirements. Flanged Cup C Type The flanged cup version enables through boring of the housing for simplicity and accuracy. Oil lubrication is normally used where higher operating speeds are required as this offers more efficient heat dissipation.


Bearings should remain in the original packaging for as long as possible prior to fitting to prevent the risk of contamination. As the outer bearinys is free to slide in the housing, the spring force ensures that a constant bearing system preload is maintained despite thermal expansion due to varying temperature conditions.


Each component of the spindle arrangement housing, shaft etc. Sealing of the bearings is important to eliminate the possibility of contaminant ingress and to retain the grease within the bearing structure.

Spacer width is adjusted individually prior to despatch. Double row bearings offer nearly twice the capacity of the equivalent single row bearing, and are therefore used in more heavily loaded applications.

Gamet Bearings have been manufacturing high precision tapered roller bearings for over forty years catqlogue their Colchester factory. The basic single row bearing can be used in light to medium loaded applications, and provides a simple, cost-effective arrangement. The cone, rollers and cage form an assembly which is separable from the catlaogue Principals of Gamet tapered roller bearings The geometry of tapered roller bearings provides certain unique features: Bearings can be stored for long periods providing packaging is not damaged and the storage area is dry and not subject to extremes of temperature.

The plain outer race enables this bearing to be used in a ‘floating’ position to permit thermal expansion. The choice of setting is based beafings a number of parameters such as speed, lubrication and applied loads.

H type bearings can be preadjusted to give HE double row bearings. Gamet bearings are readily identifiable by their unique hollow rollers and heavy aluminium cage.