Origin: Native of South America Climate: Tropical to Mild. Minimum temperature: 6°C (21°F) Cane diameter: 10 – 15 cm. Cane height: 15 – 20 m. Type of. Welcome to the famous Dave’s Garden website. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Guadua 2, × 3,; 1, KB. 0 references. taxon name. Guadua chacoensis. taxon author · Ximena Londoño · Paul M. Peterson.

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Anatomy, nutritional value and cell wall chemical analysis of foliage leaves of Guadua chacoensis Poaceae, Bambusoideae, Bambuseaea promising source of forage. Please enter the date on which you consulted the system.

Guadua Chacoensis – Kabilin Nature Farms and Bamboo Center

A comparison of traditional healers medicinal plant. Guadua genus [ more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ]. Leaf-blades lanceolate; cm long; mm wide.

Guadua chacoensis new combination poaceae bambuseae its taxonomic identity morphology and affinities. Glume Glumes several; empty glumes; persistent; similar; shorter than spikelet.

This page was last edited on 25 augustat Amazonia, one of the ten neotropical phytogeographic regions defined by gentryis the richest in species together with central america including mexico. Guadua angustifolia chacoensis subspecies cchacoensis more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ].

Neotropical Plant Portal – Guadua chacoensis

Guadua angustifolia construction dendrocalamus strictus weaving, boards, furniture, shoots, roof. Common Names are vernacular term associated with taxon names, and are not necessarily English, correct, or common. Plantae kingdom [ more guadus this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ] Tracheophyta phylum [ more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ] Liliopsida class [ more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ] Poales order [ more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ] Poaceae family [ more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ] Guadua genus [ more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ chaclensis this source ] Guadua chacoensis species [ more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ] Data from source GBIF Backbone Taxonomy [ Classifications ] [ Top ] last update: Media in category guadua the chaocensis 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total.


A new species of guadua guadua calderoniana poaceae bambuseae with notes on the genus in bahia brazil. Liliopsida class [ more like this term ] [ including guaduq ] [ from this source ].

Bromeliaceae, and from fallen leaves of euterpe edulismartius arecales.

Guadua chacoensis in Bolivia : – an investigation of mechanical properties of a bamboo species

Guadua angustifolia chacoensis [ more cchacoensis this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ]. The genus is similar to bambusa and is sometimes included in bambusa. Guadua is a neotropical genus of thorny, clumping bamboo in the grass family, ranging from moderate to very large species. Spikelets Spikelets comprising basal sterile florets; fertile florets; with diminished florets at the apex.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Culm-sheath blade triangular; as wide as sheath at base; demarcated but persistent; erect; cm long; mm wide; glabrous on surface, or pubescent and with ciliate margins; acute. Two new genera of brazilian bamboos related to guadua poaceae bambusoideae bambuseae. Culm-internodes semiterete; thin-walled; mid-green.

Lemma of lower sterile floret similar to upper glume; ovate; mm long; puberulous; obtuse; mucronate. Media in category guadua chacoensis this category contains only the following file.

Taxon Gadua is the data value of either a classification term “Animalia” or classification metadata such as name authors. Published on the Internet at http: Bamboos likely to be found at abs socal sales number in leftmost column is a count for convenience only sun. The identity, affinities, and staminate floral structure of Pandanus pendulinus Martelli Pandanaceae Taxonomic morphology.


Bambuseaefrom Venezuela and Brazil.

Term Type is the rank “kingdom” for classification terms, in which role it may be NULL, and the label for classification metadata “author text”. Guadua chacoensis is a species of clumping bamboo found in argentina, brazil, paraguay, and uruguay.

Bambuseaea new species of Amazonian bamboo with fleshy fruits. Rhachilla internodes mm long; obscured huadua lemmas; pubescent.

Leaf-blade surface glabrous, or hispid; sparsely hairy; hairy adaxially. Guadua kunth, merostachys sprengel, and chusquea kunth are the three genera of woody native bamboo probambubut only guadua and merostachys species, whose stems are hollow, produce phytotelmata.

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Guadua Species, Bamboo

Anthers 6; mm long; anther tip apiculate. Florets Basal sterile florets similar; barren; without significant palea; persisting on inflorescence. Leaf-blade base with a brief petiole-like connection to sheath; petiole 0.

Some classifications are local ; most come from GlobalNames. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture: Spermatophytina subdivision [ more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ]. Fertile lemma ovate; mm long; mm wide; coriaceous; shiny; without keel; -veined.

American Journal of Botany 74 1: Poaceae [ more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ chacoeneis this source ] Guadua angustifolia chacoensis [ more like this term ] [ including rank ] [ from this source ] External Links: