Puzzle Master Cast Quartet puzzle is very popular among the puzzler Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level 5. level 6 is equivalent to our level some of the other metal puzzles, allowing you to reverse engineer the solution. Anywho, because the Hanayama puzzles are Cast puzzles (liquid I reassembled my Quartet (and now studying the video’s solution it is the. The Hanayama Cast Quartet came from Puzzle Master. There is no solution provided with the puzzle but if you wish (YES you will need it!.

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Were you able to reassemble it too?

My original version was created with this image in mind, but the puzzle was completed into a cast puzzle with a bond that is truly difficult to unravel. Dimensions are 5cm long and 3.

My original version was created with this image in mind, but the puzzle was completed into a cast puzzle with a bond that is truly difficult to unravel. I have to say that the pictures are good enough quality to help you undo it but it is actually quite hard to tell the pieces apart on the pictures to be able to use it for reassembly!

The Waddler’s Puzzling Blog: Hanayama Cast Quartet

Roxanne Wong 3 February at George 5 July at Anonymous 5 January at I just twisted it in my hands and eventually, in like one or two hours, it just fell appart. Pwitty; Played around with it for a few hours and it literally fell apart in my hand, I noticed a few interesting positions of pieces along the way.


On Tuesday December 26th Brian wrote. Yeah it’s always annoying when that happens. And I am happy owner of Hanayamas handmade brass prototype.! On Friday January 7th Thomas wrote. But I had heard how difficult this puzzle was so I was literally quaret shock when I solved it. Anywho, the next struggle was to reassemble the Quartet back to its starting shape, with two interlinked solid squares. The key for me was not to look at it whilst attempting to solve it, instead operating by feel with occasional visual attention to monitor changes progress also i didnt allow it to occupy my mind exclusively so i allowed distraction, even made some.

On Quqrtet September 13th eric wrote.

How would you go about breaking and forming this bond? One movement is possible on either of the pairs one easily and one with more difficulty and after this you sollution a dead end! So, now I can put it appart and put it back together without any problem, in just a minute.

hanaymaa I have to say that I did solve it without seeking or recieving help of any kind from a source of ANY kind. Then go to Youtube! I knew that there are solutions on the net, but didn’t wanna touch them ever and it feels great because of that.

It was in the storage box for last year or quatet after I reassambled it last time, and I didn’t wanna touch it cause I know it gets messy. So i was left alone in the dark.


I picked up a set of these hot off the floor after a factory visit three years ago. Your review will be approved by the site admins to filter puzzel matter and spam before appearing on the site.

I’m 23 and have always disliked puzzles and never attempted to solve a serious one until this. Quartet Boy 9 January at Eventually, I did find a video that worked and I reassembled my Quartet and now studying the video’s quartey it is the same as the PDF version. This is a part hwnayama the solution!!! Request the FREE solution for this item! However, this has only been accomplished once. The Hanayama Cast series of puzzles seem to be the most common puzzles around.

Puzzle Solution for Cast Quartet

I’m sure a big part of it was luck for me, hxnayama here to brag but if you sense that this was some sort of record let me know! Alternative Assembly Of course, at this point I needed to try and put it back together and apart from the last 3 piece positions, I had absolutely no clue how to go about it.

I went to the store to buy another but they are sold out. Not, I tell you, to compare myself to these seasoned puzzlers I am still very much an amateur!