In the darkened room a woman cannot find her reflection in the mirror. waiting as usual at the edge of sleep. In her hands she holds the oil lamp whose drunken. Jayanta Mahapatra (ଜୟନ୍ତ ମହାପାତ୍ର). Of that Love. Poems Jayanta Mahapatra began writing poems rather late in comparison with his contemporaries. But this. Post-colonial traits in Jayanta Mahapatra’s poetry. Dr. Mukul Kumar Sharma. Asst . Professor, Department of English and Humanities Jaipur Engineering College.

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Parthasarathy and Shiv K. Hunger still maligns the spirit. A dusk of memories makes me feel weak and light; I am unable to move. The pathetic conditions not only make us feel helpless, but reaveal the bare realities in their all ugliness.

Relationship is a sustained long poem, an expansion of the private lyric voice into a chain of meditations embracing a region, a tradition, a whole way of life.

From time to time my father comes at me with mmahapatra arms of judgement and I answer from no clear place I poejs in. Working practically alone as a village-dwelling teacher of college physics in a poor eastern province, Mahapatra has developed a profoundly “sincere” inner voice surprisingly unironic, unalienated, unmediated, of interest to very diverse but contemporaneous Indian and foreign audiences.

Relationship, is a story of his relationship with the land of his birth, nativity and historicity of art and culture. The poem Dark Flight may be quoted in: It seems so strange looking at one another and finding ourselves go into the distances of our eyes; even my wife does not look as if she belonged to me, and even the spittle I swallow every hour has nothing perhaps to do with me, like that unreachable Girl who leads me to a dim corner of my conscience, alone.


I wrote a sort of editorial piece on him in the magazine I was editing—Chandrabhaga, and I’d like you to read what I had said. They are the beauty of the world to see and feel; art and artifacts; the aesthetic sense and value which also constitute life. All these years; our demands no longer hurt our eyes. I heard them not.

The Captive Air of Chandipur-on-Sea: Today it is difficult to jayantta the copy of the book. Ramanujanone of the finest poets in the IEP tradition.

Solid mass or mater jayanra the same. Secondly, no matter how important in India and internationally the potential audience for such poetry may be, the actual readership is necessarily minute, thinly dispersed, and probably culturally alien or if in Jayanra a tiny, hypereducated elite class ruling or managing or exploiting the hugely predominant Hindu village culture from some modern cosmopolitan capital city.

Tonight a dark wind drops down through the congested leaves and the fidgets on the steps leading to my door: When he just started to write, he had not been sure of what the future critics would designate him as poemms his verse. The unconscious mind at work and play is the thing of his deliberation, what it comes to the plane, stays not, but passes out as fleeting impressions in a flux.

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No matter how modified as Indian English, it is inherently, structurally and developmentally adapted from a culture geographically, historically, and socially English and Western and liberal-progressive, a set of cultural biases quite different from those of the ancient but modernizing Hinduism mahwpatra still dominates almost all Indian life. We wish we knew you more.

His most characteristic note is one of quiet but often ironic reflection mostly concerning love, sex and sensuality in the earlier poetry and the social and political scene in some of the later poems.


The atmosphere is not a perfume…. But it startles us to feel that they made grand temples, rock-cut, stupendous structures of art and architecture just to house in the mute gods and goddesses. Just the shapes of the things go changing and this is what he says, communicates and relates to in his poetry. Sitting in the poetic studio, he makes the images of his own through photo-negatives.

Also is evident a lack of musicality in the poems. However, I will not let mahpaatra feel that absence, whose dark roots are scrabbling for poetic sacrifice. Without indulging war, he describes in the way what Rupert Brooke describes in his poetry.

His base is of physics, not of literature, more especially poetry.

Book Excerptise: Selected Poems by Jayanta Mahapatra

He received various prestigious Indian and international Awards for his poetic works. The other most important thing we have forgotten about him is this that he is professor of physics, not of literature and poetry comes to him through physics, via it, not properly, but through the channels of light and darkness theories, astrophysics and metaphysics.

The tales of hunger fascinate them; the tales of want and scarcity, moral depravity and corrosion. Only that I must summon courage to be in, spits of wind clawing at the flames that keep burning here, from the dark mirror resting on pain and plain despair.

Why does one room invariably lead into other room? It was hard to believe the flesh was heavy on my back.