WHY I AM NOT A HINDU: A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy. by Kancha Ilaiah. Let me make it clear, however, that I am not . Why I Am Not a Hindu. A Sudra Critique of Hindutva Philosophy, Culture and Political Economy. Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd – Retired, Director, Centre for Study of. Who – or what – is a Hindu? There are no easy answers to this question. From the Oxford English Dictionary: Hinduism: A major religious and.

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Is whatever contained in Agniveer.

If whereever he goes, nothing change a Dalit from his identity. Anyway I used this book as a source in 2 essays: They are seated separately in the classroom and at mid-day meals in countless schools across the country. Unfortunately, nothing could be far from truth. The former is negative in every way imaginable. In the brahminical economy Dalitbahujan labour male or female even if it is produced for market consumption has no value.

Sukra Charya said July 18, The ancient kings were treated as gods — Rama, Krishna, etc.

All of them were jews. May all noble people admire me.

However, instead of trying to forge a classless society, they have been busy forming their own caste-based platforms and more importantly, aligning to the traditional Hindu kanncha of attaining power based on caste.

Just look at some of the facts and how Kancha iliaih depicts ilaiiah. Theoretically speaking, any person on earth can explore and imbibe all advancements in mathematics all by himself. No body becomes like this wantedly. But it does in the real world. You are w to do so. Tapping the gela in a way that makes the toddy flow, but does not hurt the tree, cannot be done by everybody.


But Dalit meetings are always measured in caste, even racist, terms. Wow what a theory. The agni lighted outside is the same agni tattva from within. Too often Hindus see the Brahminical interpretation of the tradition as the only one, or the best one, and don’t give the Sudras any attention.

Baba Mangu Ram Muggowalia of the Adi-Dharam Mandal suggested that we must work at regional levels and also co-cooperateco-ordinate with each other at national level. Awareness of my own cultural insensitivity and its role in class hegemony himdu be my biggest takeaway from this book.

Did ekalvya want dogs to not bark. Hinduism may have its faults — I prefer to correct it, as we go along. We do not criticize which the Brahmans tell us verbally! Retrieved 7 August In the process of labour Dalithahujans engage in a constant intercourse with the land. Dr Rao name has been struck off hondu the General medical council,London and he is on dole and eating his dinner at Gurdwara in London https: That India is a liberal country.

This is not true, read this book with an open but critical mind and go on and do your own research like I did. Valmiki was a tribal dacoit and Veda Vyasa was a sudra. The brahmin priest disclosed that the army had full faith in ilaiaj nearby Hindu temple. What Karna of the Ma Let us encourage Mr. Educated people know this well. Only three candidates appeared in the interview and I was one of them.


My thoughts — based on personal experience — on the points summarized ak.

Why I Am Not a Hindu

We are grateful to the aurthor for kancba us to put it here. Subsequently, after the British conquest, it came to mean any Indian who was not Muslim, Christian, Sikh or Jew — and all the various gods and goddesses proliferating the countryside gained official status. For a Dalitbahujan body, labour is as habitual as eating is to the stomach. The whole world has overcome the theories of privileging leisure over labour.


There are many anti-national xm who are now mascarading as saviors of dalits. Be blessed in whatever way that makes you happy. I have got prints of the entire dalit-nation blog to study deeply the behaviour and writings of the manuwadis.

How many upper caste men have had their eyes gouged out for marrying outside their caste? They hinud bananas and coconuts to their gods but our gods need meat.

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