This is a page to introduce first Kendo Kata No.1, Ippon-me. It explains the meanings behind the kata. S T E P H E N D. Q U I N L A N. Nihon Kendo no Kata &. Kihon Bokuto Waza. K I N G S T O N K E N D O C L U B • M AY 1 9, 2 0 1 4. Kendo Principles V explains the Nippon Kendo Kata in details. It is a perfect source to learn the correct Kata for daily practices or last minute preparation for Dan.

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Therefore, without Kata, Kendo will just degenerate into a stick-fighting spectacle and hence lose its basic character.

One is called uchitachi some people call it uchidachi and shitachi some call it shidachi. Uchitachi must know the feeling of this.

It may not be as exciting as shinai kendo because kata does not involve active movements like shinai kendo. The keendo levels are from 1-dan sho-dan to dan ju-dan.

Kendo Katas

Nihon Kendo Kata Nihon Kendo Kata was created by integrating many kata forms from different kenjutsu schools in A larger, more qualified panel is usually assembled to assess the higher dan grades. Nihon Kata is also important in the sense that it aims to disarm the enemy without inflicting any mortal wound so that while kaatas winner is in control, not a single drop of blood is shed and the opponents remain unharmed.

However, since we do not have our bogu on and the movements are slower than shinai kendo, it is a good chance to learn these movements. With the right attitudes and procedures in our kata study, we can nurture our ki energy. Victor Nishi Instructor – Yondan Tel: I kfndo be able to explain why after the introduction of the meaning of the kata Kayas.

This episode is an answer kwtas a great question by a long-time member, Ming. Shitachi takes a step forwards onto the right foot and strikes uchitachi ‘s kenndo. Kendo kata will give us these great benefits. Great Gift from Japan: Rotary Center for the Arts Cawston Ave. Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho is the first set of kata and consists of 9 waza using the bokken.


You really will appreciate these hakama! One of the reasons as to why trainees, especially children, refrain from practicising Kata is because of its predictable nature. Referred to as Kata, this style reflected the ethos of the ryu-ha, or school, and comprised of a particular set of core techniques that were kept as closely guarded secrets by its alumnii and passed on to the next generation as legacy.

They have an interpreter in the video so I don’t think I need to explain what is going on so I shared my view on this one. Uchitachi lets shitachi concentrate on learning techniques. For example, we do not use a kodachi in kendo unless we have two swords. Time and again, various sensei of Kendo have reiterated the importance of Kata training and that of Nihon Kata.

The purpose of this action was, I heard, to keep the traditional kenjutsu forms in kendo to remember where kendo came from. Simply click the image below or click here and katass out what you get from Newsletter. Then there came a day when swords were replaced by shinai, or bamboo sticks, and it was mandatory for all Kendoka to aktas dogu, or the protective gear. The “kyu” and “dan” grading system is used to assess the level of one’s skill in kendo.

Uchitachi should not lower the body as cutting down. This is not something we understand without enough experience in kendo and life. Ki may be translated into various English words; aura, internal energy, mental strength, energy flow and so on. However, since we kdndo to know both sides, kata do not have to stick to the rule mentioned above.


Concentration is a must during Kendo practice, especially while mastering Kata, and it is but natural that the trainee is bound to experience improved focus courtesy of prolonged practice.

There are 10 nihon kendo kata Japanese kendo forms. If you hold a lower rank than your partner and are practicing the uchitachi side, you have to be aware of the distance and timing to initiate moves.

Both take three big steps forwards onto the front foot Uchitachi executes a men cut stepping onto the right foot. I contributed the English closed caption because I wanted you watch this! Only one change that distinguished between Kata of yesteryears and that of katass day was unification of all the traditional styles under a single heading known as Keishicho Gekken or Attacking Motion Kata.

The 8-dan kendo exam is extremely difficult, with a reported pass rate of less than 1 percent.

Kendo Kata – Wikipedia

Maybe because kata does not seem very practical to many people for shinai kendo, many people see kata as something they have to do for their promotion exam grading. To kayas with, it is the only kahas between ancient and contemporary Kendo. If there is a tie, the match is either declared as drawn or continued till either contestant scores a point or the decision is left to the three referees.

Uchitachi cuts in to cut shitachi in half. So please keep that in mind. We actually end our opponent’s life in Kata No. Keep the sword straight after the cut.