Magia Blanca, Magia Negra/ La Magia de Arbatel / White Magic, Black Magic / Arbatel’s Magic: C. W. Leadbeater, Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim. The Arbatel De Magia veterum was a Latin grimoire of renaissance ceremonial magic published in in Switzerland. Contents. 1 Title; 2 Origin; 3 Nature. L’Arbatel De Magia Veterum (Arbatel: De la magie des Anciens) est un grimoire de magie du XVI siècle. La première édition en latin date de à Bâle.

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Thirdly, That he learn by the immortal part of himself, to worship, love and fear the eternal God, and to adore him in Spirit and Truth; and with his mortal part, to do those things which he knoweth to be acceptable to God, and profitable to his neighbours.

Ita semper intuendum Christi dictum. He reconcileth the subterranean spirits to men; maketh hairy men. In other projects Wikimedia Arbatwl. That is the chiefest wisdom, which is from God; and next, that which is in spiritual adbatel afterwards, in corporeal creatures; fourthly, in Nature, and natural things.

To keep the word of God, so that the evil one snatch it not out of the heart, is the chiefest precept of wisdom. Even as every one governeth himself, so he allureth unto himself Spirits of his nature and condition; but one very truely adviseth, that no arbatfl should carry himself beyond his own calling, lest that he draw unto himself some malignant Spirit from the uttermost parts of the earth, by whom either he shall be infatuated and deceived, or brought to final destruction.

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There are other names of the Olympick spirits delivered by others; but they onely are effectual, which are delivered to any one, by the Spirit the revealer, visible or invisible: In all things, ask counsel of the Lord; and do not thou think, speak, or do any thing, wherein God is not thy counsellor.

Secondly, we are to know, That a Magitian is a person predestinated to this work from his mothers wombe; neither let him assume any such great things to himself, unless he be called divinely by grace hereunto, for some good end; to a bad end is, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, It must be that offences will come; but wo be to that man through whom they come. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy strength, and thy neighbour as thy self: Because if he shall find them to be such assistants.


Magia est connexio a viro sapiente agentium per naturam cum patientibus, sibi, congruenter respondentibus, vt inde opera prodeant, non sine corum admiratione qui causam ignorant.

Ignorance of the government of God by Angels To contemne the custody of the Angels, and that their companions are of the devil. The Arbatel is noted for being straightforward in its writing, positive in its contents, and unusually honest regarding its origins.

But thou mayst examine a few, and the most select, which thou wilt commend with many more.

Magia Blanca, Magia Negra/ La Magia de Arbatel / White Magic, Black Magic / Arbatel’s Magic

We have already declared what a secret is, the kindes and species thereof: And at the South, E. Spirits either are divine ministers of the word, and of the Church, and the members thereof ; or else they are servient to the Creatures in corporal things, partly magiz the salvation of the soul and body, and partly for its destruction. He hath Legions of Spirits and over every thousand he lw Kings for their appointed seasons.

Now first of laa produced out of darkness into the light, against all caco-Magicians, and contemners of the gifts of God; for the profit and delectation of all those, who do truely and piously love the creatures of God, and do use them with thanksgiving, to the honour of God, and profit of themselves and their neighbours.

Quem suo charactere dignatur, ad maximas dignitates euehit, obiicit thesauros Aereos conciliat Spiritus, qui vera dant responsa.

If you will do the will of my Father which is laa heaven, ye are truly my disciples, and we will come unto you, and make our abode with you. The first is, to meditate day and night how to attain to the true knowledge of God, both by his word revealed from the foundation nagia the world; as also by the seal of the creation, and of the creatures; and by the wonderful effects which the visible and invisible creatures of God do shew forth.

Joseph Peterson, Ibis Press, Seventhly, In him that would be a Magician, there is required the greatest justice, that he undertake nothing that is ungodly, wicked or unjust, nor to let it once come in his minde; and so he shall be divinely defended from all evil.

In many ways, Arbatel is unique among texts on magic.

The sixth is, to know God, and Christ, and his holy Spirit: Few understood, many reprehend, and as dogges barke at those they know not: Aratron appeareth in the first hour of Saturday8 and arbatl truely giveth answers concerning his Provinces and Provincials.

The second is, the curing of diseases with Metals, either by the magnetick vertues of precious stones, or by the use of the Philosophers stone, and the like. In this manner Tages the first teacher of the Magick of the Romanes, gushed out of the earth. It is manifest he is made a Magician by the ordinance of God, mavia is, such a person which useth the minisery [sic] of the spirits unto the effecting of excellent things.


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But let him beware, lest that he fall into idolatry, and the snares of the devil, who with his cunning sorceries, easily deceiveth the unwary. The fifth is, to know all Physical secrets. We chuse the 46 Aphorisme from these. The use of this seal of secrets is, that thereby thou maist know whence the Spirits or Angels are produced, which may teach the secrets delivered unto them from God. For where all humane refuges do forsake us, there will the help of God shine forth, according to the saying of Philo.

This influence lead Nicholas Clulee to posit that Dee did not see his angelic experiments as magical, but in fact religious, as both Dee’s ceremonies and the magical system of the Arbatel begin with prayers to God that cautiously lead into requests to see heavenly angels.

If therefore any of the Olympick spirits shall teach or declare that which his star to which he is appointed portendeth, nevertheless he can bring forth nothing into action, unless he be permitted by the Divine power. Now Witchcraft and Sorcery, are works done merely by the devil, which with respect unto some covenant made with man, he acteth by mabia his instruments, to accomplish his evil ends: And it is all the comfort which guilty have, not to find any innocent.

Therefore let every one compare his ends with the word of God, and as a touchstone that will judge between good and evil; and let him propose unto himself what is to be avoided, and what is to be sought after; and that which he constituteth and determineth unto himself, let him diligently, not procrastinating or delaying, until he attain to his appointed bound.

Verbum Dei nunquam recedat ab ore tuo. No man can do any thing of himself, except it be given him from above. It is a canon, That every one se his own Angel.

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