Throughout the narrator’s elaborate life; he experienced love, friendship, and sickness; as well as many other things described in his book: Love in Exile. Don’t expect a love affair: this is the story of a devastating mid-life crisis fleetingly relieved by doomed love. Set against a background of genocide in Lebanon. Publisher’s Summary: In Love in Exile Bahaa Taher presents multilayered variations on the themes of exile, disillusionment, failed dreams, and the redemptive.

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Taher came of age in the confusing aftermath, with its political purges, as part of the left-leaning “generation of the 60s”, writing experimental fiction. Denied his source of livelihood, Taher moved to Switzerland, serving the United Nations as translator for nearly twenty years. Tayer is when he met Brigitte the woman he fell in love with, who is also living in exile.

Set against a background of genocide in Lebanon, it mixes existential malaise with graphic descriptions of torture and exiel. Account Options Sign in. The relationship the narrator establishes with his wife and children through phone calls and letters.

Love in Exile Modern Arabic writing.

No journal in Europe wants to broadcast the news in so as not to be considered anti-semitic. Not in the UK?

Tender Night Gentle Garden. All the Children of the World. Love i Exile Author s: Search for an item in libraries near you: In response to insidious sectarianism, Taher wrote My Aunt Safiyya and the Monasterya tight yet lyrical novel evoking the tolerant Egypt of his youth.

Love in Exile A novel by Bahaa Taher. But society was not ready. Bahaa Taher was sacked as a radio journalist in Egypt in the s and driven into exile.

In Switzerland, he found time to write. Bahaa Taher’s highly original novel is eminently captured by Farouk Abdel Wahab’s fluid translation.

Isolating himself in self-pity over his impotent position at the paper and in ill health, he suddenly finds himself faced with two issues he cannot ignore: Nielsen Book Data Inthis Egyptian police chief dynamited part of the ancient Ammon-Ra temple complex whose oracle Alexander the Great consulted. He had an idea. After faher mightily to remain part of their lives, he finds himself marginalized and rejected.


Bahaa Taher: Of Hope and Remembrance

Taher, who believes “women in our country are still not free because men are not free”, was very close to an elder sister, a social worker who died in As a student, Taher believed in the principles behind the Officers Revolution, which put an end to the year-long British occupation and the royal status of the year-old Mohammed Ali dynasty.

The American University in Cairo Press, c Let That Day Come Slowly. Any book that throws light on these upheavals in our modern world is certainly up my alley. The USA is still very bahza Publisher’s Summary In Love in Exile Bahaa Taher presents multilayered variations on the themes of exile, disillusionment, failed dreams, and the redemptive power of love. The narrator also talks about European nurses who risk their lives volunteering in Lebanon tahre the war, he asks himself where are bhaa volunteers from the Arab countries, somewhat a cry for unity within the Arab nations.

A founder of Writers and Artists for Change, part of the opposition movement Kifaya Enoughhe says, “I went to all the demonstrations, but I no longer participate because it isn’t in touch with the people. As the Man Exille prize turns 40 this year, the foundation behind it has backed a new award, for the taheer novel of the year written in Arabic.

PWF | Bahaa Taher: Of Hope and Remembrance

I couldn’t write for newspapers or translate. For the author, the award has a credibility that taaher lack. However, the horror of events surrounding the occupation of Lebanon in soon shocks them out of their contentment and safety.

The catalogue belongs to the library service and accessibility cannot be guaranteed. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. In Taher’s view, the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood – the strongest opposition, with a fifth of seats in the assembly – thrives “because all other ideologies bahaaa collapsed, and people can’t live without hope. I was a liberal, and went on demonstrations against dictatorial policies.


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bzhaa He petitions for the release of political detainees, including members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which boycotted Tuesday’s municipal elections after hundreds were arrested in a pre-election crackdown.

We kill our poets with silence and we kill them with forgetfulness. Following the lives of three generations of Egyptians, the story is set against the background of a rapidly changing emotional and physical landscape. It was written as violent clashes between Muslims and Copts were erupting in Upper Egypt, and its vision of harmony angered parts of both communities. American Univ on Cairo Press- Fiction – pages.

However, the horror exi,e events surrounding the occupation of Lebanon in soon shocks them out of their contentment and safety. The novel probes the possible motivations behind this bizarre act of vandalism. Tension between Israel and Palestine is high.

Love in Exile – Bahaa Taher, Bahāʼ Ṭāhir – Google Books

Yet to preclude interference, even the identity llove the six judges, chaired by the London-based Iraqi author Samuel Shimon, was kept secret until the shortlist was announced in January. I read the story again. While the state withdrew from social activities, they built clinics and distributed food. It’s the first-person narrative of an unnamed veteran journalist whose support of There are so many interesting characters in this novel; Ibrahim the narrator’s friend and journalist based in Lebanon.

The prize will change ecile. The translator did a fantastic job. Don’t have an account?