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Alp Arslan was already in the area, however, with allies and 30, cavalry from Aleppo and Mosul. Geschichte der Kriegskunst im Rahmen der politischen Geschichte in German. A payment of 10 million gold pieces demanded by the Sultan as a ransom for Romanos was deemed as too high by the latter, so the Sultan reduced its short-term expense by asking for 1.

The Byzantines themselves had no illusions about it. The Battle of Myriokephalonalso known as the Myriocephalum, has been compared to the Battle of Manzikert as a pivotal point in the decline of the Byzantine Empire. Romanos now led a large army into Armenia to recover the lost fortresses before the Seljuks had time to respond.

After discovering his identity, Alp Arslan placed his boot on the Emperor’s neck and forced him to kiss the ground. The Seljuk forces hid among the nearby hills for the night, making it nearly impossible for Romanos to counterattack.

With the Byzantines thoroughly confused, the Seljuks seized the opportunity and attacked. Date 26 August Part of the Byzantine—Seljuq wars.


These events all interacted to create a vacuum that the Turks filled. The expedition rested at Sebasteia on the river Halysreaching Theodosiopolis in June Turkish Myth and Muslim Symbol: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The Byzantines held off the arrow attacks and captured Alp Arslan’s camp by the end of the afternoon.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In FebruaryRomanos sent envoys to Alp Arslan to renew the treaty, and keen to secure his northern flank against attack, Alp Arslan happily agreed.

Historian Thomas Asbridge says: The most serious loss materially seems to have been the emperor’s extravagant baggage train.

The Byzantine army regrouped and marched to Dokeiawhere they were joined by Romanos when he was released a week later. There, some of his generals suggested emydan the march into Seljuk territory and catching Alp Arslan before he was ready.

Battle of Manzikert

Many of the Turks, who had been, during the 11th century, travelling westward, saw the victory at Manzikert as an entrance to Asia Minor. University of Michigan P. The result of this disastrous defeat was, in simplest terms, the loss of the Eastern Roman Empire’s Anatolian heartland.

Henceforth, the Muslims controlled the region. The Seljuks did not pursue the fleeing Byzantines, nor did they recapture Manzikert itself at this point.

However, the right wing misunderstood the order, and Doukas, as a rival of Romanos, meyfan ignored the emperor and marched back to the camp outside Manzikert, rather than covering the emperor’s retreat. According to Ibn al-Adimin the presence of Arslan, Romanos blamed the raids of Rashid al-Dawla Mahmud into Byzantine territory for his interventions in Muslim territories which eventually led to the Battle of Manzikert.


Battle of Manzikert – Wikipedia

The army mkharebesi of about 5, professional Byzantine troops from the western provinces and probably about the same number from the eastern provinces.

This split the forces into halves of about 20, men each. The themes in Anatolia were literally the heart of the empire, and within decades after Manzikert, they were gone. Romanos ordered his general Joseph Tarchaniotes to take some of the regular troops and the Varangians and accompany the Pechenegs and Franks to Khliatwhile Romanos and the rest of the army marched to Manzikert. It took three decades of internal strife before Alexius I to restored stability to Byzantium.

However the Turks ransomed him back to his wife, and it was not before the young general Alexios Komnenos pursued him that he was captured. Doukas had escaped with no casualties and quickly marched back to Constantinople, where he led a coup against Romanos and proclaimed Michael VII as basileus.

A History of the Crusades. With the Seljuks avoiding battle, Romanos was forced to order a withdrawal by the time night fell. Alp Arslan treated Romanos with considerable kindness and again offered the terms of peace that he had offered prior to the battle.