Table of Contents. Chapter 1. StarUML Overview. What is StarUML; Key Features ; System Requirements. Chapter 2. Basic Concepts. Model, view and diagram. If you have StarUML V1 model files .uml), you can import by selecting File | Import | StarUML 1 File .uml). . Note: Deleting View Elements do not delete Model Elements. Uninstall extension of old version manually. 2. StarUML™ is a software modeling platform that supports UML (Unified .. Unlike units, model fragments are not referenced by other files and do not order to delete an imported framework, you have to delete all the related units manually.

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Group name for the template. Stereotypes of the elements attributes, operations, etc.

StarUML User Guide (Modeling with StarUML)

Collaboration Diagram Collaboration Diagram expresses the collaboration between instances. You can generate many kinds of artifacts at once using Batch feature. The aligned model is only shown by model navigator, the order among real models are not modified. It is included in interaction point with other parts of system.

If you want to activate the opened diagram, click the diagram on tab.

Chapter 8. Generating Codes and Documents

The target element Decision linking with the current element makes a link of transition. Collaboration Diagram Role Collaboration Role Diagram expresses the collaboration between the role concepts.

Visibility of the elements displayed in these compartments can be configured to be shown or hidden. Modeling data are stored in a very simple JSON format, manuxl it can be used easily to generate custom codes by user-defined templates mdgen. Brief description of the template.

Chapter 4. Modeling with StarUML

About Company License Github. Class Diagram can contain not only classes but also interfaces, enumerations, packages, various relations, instances, and their links. The user can change starmul in various ways by editing these property values. Specify whether to show the progress of generation or not. Copied view elements can be pasted in diagrams only; they cannot be pasted to model elements.


Through parameterized template, you can eliminate inconvenience and can avoid defining a new template caused by a little difference.

Activity Diagram is a special form of Statechart Diagram that is suitable for expressing the mqnual execution flow. Such a model is not displayed in any diagrams, and more than one view can be made later to represent it in diagrams. When an element name is defined as more over a word, manuzl of diagram is decreased since the size of the view is being over extension. Deployment Diagram Deployment Msnual expresses the hardware elements of the physical computer and devices and the software components, processes and objects that are assigned to them.

This function is useful for navigating over a long distance. Related files or web page URLs can be attached to elements. Template can be defined by user. The target element linking with the current element makes a link of compose. Usecase Diagram – UseCase The target model Actor linking with the current element makes a link of communication.

In order to sort models, click [Align as saving order] or [Align as Stwruml order]. Model elements can be moved to be placed only under elements that can manuql model elements. The user can configure these literals to be shown or suppressed. If there is no target model name, generate new appropriate model elements and the relationship.

Elements that contain attributes such as Class, Exception and UseCase show these attributes in their attribute compartment areas. Ed the element tag definitions, element tagged values and changeability attributes are shown in the view elements property section. If you use Word Wrap, you can optimize the view size as expressing the long name of elements to several lines. There is no restriction to name a category but to categorize a set of template, give the same category name for the set of templates.


Extension Manager Easily discover and install third-party extensions. Names must also be unique within the namespace. For example, names of the classes within a package must all be unique. Note The types of diagrams available vary from one element type to another. Asynchronous Model Validation Many model validation rules are defined and checked asynchronously whenever you save or open your model files. The target element linking with the current element makes a stariml of navigable association.

Profiles related to the template. The target element Final State linking with staguml current element makes a link of transition. Please exercise caution because deleting a model element results in deletion of the following elements.

Approach related to the template. The target element linking with the current element makes a link of transition. Describe the target model names to make a relationship with notations to generate relationship. A project can contain many diagrams.

Elements such as Attribute, Operation, Enumeration Literal which is expressing in Collection editor can be modified their order in Collection editor. In order to insert a editing diagram to other document, the diagram image can be copied as bitmap. Category name of the template. A warning message will appear if the name conflicts with another element.

Following are the default parameters for each Translator Types.

Name for the template to register.

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